Return: Hansel and Gretel Retold

by Demelza Carlton

An unlikely duo. A wicked witch. Whatever it takes to find their way home.
Once upon a time…
Rhona is certain her stepmother wants to kill her and her sisters, and she’ll stop at nothing to do it. Leaving them in the woods alone, drugging their food and drink…is nothing safe?
Bitter at his brother’s betrothal, Grieve is banished to Rum Island as a squire to Rhona’s father. Grieve thought he had enough trouble with Rhona’s stepmother and the threat of war with Alba, until a witch takes Grieve and Rhona prisoner.
Can Rhona and Grieve survive long enough to find their happily ever after?

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy Romance


The Fae King’s Fated Mate

by J.B. Black

A reclusive warlock falls for the fated ‘Prince Charming’ he swore he never needed.

Warlock Fannar refuses to be controlled by destiny. His parents showed how disastrous fated mates could be, and he has no intention of becoming victim to the same fate.

A seer foretells a mate who encompasses everything he fears, but cords can be cut. Fannar’s magic is unrivaled. No one will chain him, and if destiny intends to intercede, he’ll cut it down a second time.

But his preparations never accounted for love.

Where Fannar fears his match, Idris dreams of finding an equal. Someone to love. A husband to rule beside him. He never expected his fate to run.

Can Idris convince Fannar love is worth the risk?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: LGBT Romance


The Italian Happy Ever After

by N.J. Adel

It started with a thong.
A laundry mix-up sends Manhattan’s answer to Magic Mike and his sequined, studded thongs to my office.
Fabio Zappa or “Fab” as he conceitedly likes to be called is a male **ahem** stripper/escort and is indeed fabulous.
Too fabulous to be offering me, a penniless widow that’s double his age, a free night with the “full package.”
Why would he offer to be the fake fiancé I desperately need to keep away my obnoxious rival that has always wanted to steal my company–and me on the side–after my husband died?
Unless Fab is sent by said rival to spy on the secret deal that will save the company from him…

I accept the “generous” offer to discover the truth. But when I do, I find out nothing is what it seems.
And what starts as fake could turn out to be the most real thing I could ask for.

The Italian Happy Ever After is a forbidden age gap, fake fiancé, office rom com, widow/single dad that will make you laugh, cry and melt your panties.
Get it now. Because you have to.

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Romantic Comedy


Her Lucky Charm

by Cassie Cole

Some people collect lucky rabbit’s feet.
Rose Bishop collects lucky BOYFRIENDS.
So when her luck changes after run-ins with three gorgeous guys?
She’s not sure which one is the source of her newfound fortune.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance


Cuckold and Hotwife Erotica Bundle

by Raven Merlot

These eight stories of slutty wives will give you something to look forward to before bedtime! The eight explicit stories include couples who get more than they bargained for on a ski weekend, a couple who thought that they were “over the hill” who reignite their love life with cuckolding, a couple who get caught in a foreign country on a pandemic lockdown, and so much more!

Like Raven’s other work this book includes sexy action but also real human feelings that couples in these relationships actually feel!

Contains explicit sex, cuckolding, general silliness.

$0.00 Previously $4.99

Category: Erotic Romance


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