The Farmer Takes a Wife

by Sharon A. Mitchell

She was done doing for everyone else. It was her turn now. Right? Surely, that’s right. Please.

Fleeing the city, Mona had a lot to prove, and even more to learn. They said she couldn’t do it. She knew she could. Well, maybe.

Responsible, and aloof, Reid held together his family farm, keeping the three-generation legacy alive. Alone, as he deserved to be.

They had nothing in common, no reason to connect.

Yet they did.

Read this clean and wholesome romance in the Farmers of Goodrich County series.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Deck The Headlines

by Teagan Hart

One newsroom isn’t big enough for Ella and Cal as they butt heads all the way to bed in a town stuffed with hilarious characters who turn every holiday to max!

Deck the Headlines is a small-town enemies-to-lovers holiday romantic comedy that will have you laughing out loud, tearing up, and always wanting more from this hilarious, island community.

The Hope Island Holiday Romances have been described by readers as a cross between SNARKY, DIRTY Hallmark movies and Gilmore Girls. Join the wacky residents of Hope Island today and dive into this first book of six in the Hope Island Holiday Romances.

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Surprise Twins for the Boss

by Josie Hart

Rule #1: Don’t sleep with anyone in the office.
Rule #2: Definitely DON’T get anyone pregnant.
Oh well, I’ve always been a rule breaker.

I’m Drew, the one your mother warned you about.
My ego is as big as my bank account, and I always get what I want.

And I want my sexy as sin PR rep, Camille.

She’s constantly cleaning up my scandals and I know she hates me for it.
Which makes sneaking around the office with her that much hotter.

Our constant love/hate relationship is the stuff of fantasies.
Her insatiable appetite for me drives me wild,
And I’m happy to deliver what she craves.

Camille is off-limits in every way,
Which is perfect because being tied down is the last thing I need.

Until she drops the ultimate bomb: I’m pregnant.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Wrong Text, Right Love

by Claudia Burgoa

This new relationship is almost picture-perfect, just like my online life. I guess I give good…text. He doesn’t have to put up with my colorful personality—as my hot next-door neighbor describes me. When he meets the real me, will he hate me forever?

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Sinful Tempation

by Natasha L Black

She’s done with men, but he’s trouble she can’t resist. Alex is temptation personified, drawing her into a whirlwind of passion and trust. But a secret she’s carrying threatens everything, including her chance at a happily ever after.

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Category: Contemporary Romance