Falling Into Place

by Stephanie J. Scott

Mia Hammond hates her job at a soul-sucking mail-order catalog, but after her sports agent career ended in flames, well, a girl needs to keep a roof over her head, right? When a friend tells her their beloved childhood camp needs help, she calls her old sports contacts to recruit athletes for sports clinics to save the flailing camp.

Aaron Stanek needs a miracle to turn around his family’s expansion hockey team, before the rambunctious crew’s pranks result in losing more sponsors. Except the players only respect Aaron’s father, and his father handed Aaron the team to sort out.

When Mia discovers her ex Aaron has a team in need of positive press, it sounds like the perfect match…or it would be, if she didn’t have to work with the one person responsible for tanking her agenting career. Aaron blames himself for what happened, but in his heart, Mia is still the one who got away.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Caged by the Alien

by Tammy Walsh

I’m trapped in a room with an alien Adonis.
And 100 billion viewers are watching.

Two weeks ago, I was abducted by aliens. Now I’m trapped in a room with four walls and no door. I’m scared. I’m alone. And there’s no chance of escape.

Then he appears out of nowhere. A Greek god with an ass to match. We try to escape but our efforts are thwarted. In a moment of weakness, we kiss.

The next morning, a door appears.

We’re trapped in a depraved gameshow. If we can reach a shuttlecraft within 24 hours, we can escape together. But first, we have to give the producers the steamy show they want.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Owned by the Alien

by Tammy Walsh

Abducted by aliens and bound for a breeding zoo.
And then things got worse.

I was abducted by aliens.
Yep, you heard me right.
But they’re not little green men.
They’re gorgeous creatures called Titans.
Heaven help me.

Hard. Callous. Cruel.
That’s how the crew describe their captain.
After their attempted mutiny, he comes to me for aid.
Help him recover from their poison and he’ll return me to Earth.

There’s just one catch.

Healing requires the use of my body for one whole night.
If I give him what he needs, will he keep his word?
And will sleeping with him make me his fated mate for all time?

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Thick Wood: A Reverse Harem Lumberjack Romance

by Chloe Kincaid

It was meant to be a business trip.

Check on the secluded mountain cabins my real estate firm had recently spent a bundle building. See if they could be turned into some sort of resort getaway for the rich and burned out.

As the high-powered female CEO, I would do everything I could to make the project a success.

But with three burly lumberjacks stomping around the forest, all shirtless and sweaty, muscles bulging, getting in my way, I can’t seem to get anything done.

I just want some peace and quiet so I can concentrate. But Caleb, Mark, and Todd aren’t about to give me any of that.

They have something else in mind.

Come to think of it, so do I…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Temptations of a Duke’s Daughter

by Samantha Holt

Lady Chastity will not stand idly by while her sister is suspected of murder. Since no one wants to help, she’ll take matters into her own hands. The plan? Simple. She’ll disguise herself as a servant and investigate. But when her ruse leads her to the enigmatic Lord Kendall, Chastity soon realizes nothing in her life will ever be simple again…

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Category: Historical Romance

In a World Without Coffee

by Lydia Guleva

Jill landed in a special kind of hell reserved for nurses. What else can she call a world without coffee, showers, sterile bandages, and antibiotics, but with a mind-reading demon who drags her away to a gloomy castle?

Somehow, she’s supposed to survive and maybe not kill anyone. Not an easy task when she can’t get any coffee. At least she found her cat. Oh, yeah, and the resident demon cleans up well. She might even forgive him for kidnapping her.

Vinsor thinks he only needs to kill the witch that turned him into a demon, but as soon as he strikes her down, the real problem appears in an explosion of magic. Jill is the perfect replica of the witch, and Vinsor has the misfortune of becoming her captor.

As if Jill’s insane babbling wasn’t bad enough, Vinsor receives orders to make her fall in love with him. If he doesn’t, she will die. How can he, though, when she wears the face that haunts him in his nightmares? And to use his powers for it? He wouldn’t do it even to his enemy.

Content Warning: This book contains New Yorkers. Anything can happen.

In a World Without Coffee is an enemies to lovers fantasy romantic comedy novel. It stars a mind-reading demon and a caring, strong, but neurotic woman whose Happy Ever After is guaranteed without a cliffhanger.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Family Secrets (Books 4-6)

by Bella Beaumont

Angelina gets herself a job at her daddy’s firm, so Vincent can keep his good little girl close. After some raunchy office antics get out of control, their forbidden affair is at risk of being discovered.

They don’t care anymore—Angie and Vince are going to ride this thing, and each other, until the end!

When Angie’s 21st birthday comes around, it’s time to let loose. The rules are thrown out the window and things are about to get wild, no holds barred. Daddy and his little brat push their lewdness to new heights, testing every boundary along the way!

(This scorching hot bundle contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth stories in the “Family Secrets” series: Own Me, Daddy, Love Me, Daddy, and Tame Me, Daddy. Contains strong language and explicit scenes.)

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Category: Erotica

Psychic Undercover (with the Undead)

by Amie Gibbons

When a serial killer strikes, even a psychic may not be able to catch him in time in this fun, exciting, and hot first installment of the SDF Series.

FBI rookie Ariana Ryder is desperate to prove she is more than just a pretty face on a too young psychic. But when her team gets called to investigate a dead girl behind a club, it is obvious this is not just another case of pissed off ghosts or humans messing with forces they do not understand.

Ariana, must psychic up. Backed by her team, the boss she most certainly does not have a crush on, and an ally she is not sure she can trust, but is overwhelmingly attracted to, she must learn more about her powers to catch a serial killer, before he strikes again.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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