Fighter’s Mercy

by A. Rivers

It was supposed to be a one night stand to help me get over my ex. But then a positive pregnancy test changes everything…

When I hooked up with a gorgeous stranger, I‘d intended to enjoy some no-strings fun to get myself out of a funk. I didn’t even bother to exchange names. But when I end up pregnant, all of my plans go out the window.

Two trimesters—and zero luck finding the baby daddy—later, I run into my mystery man at a childhood friend’s wedding. Tattoo artist Mercy Caruso is even hotter than I remembered, and he promises to stand by me every step of the way. He’s kind, reliable, and almost too good to be true.

When complications arise with the pregnancy, Mercy and I decide to live together until the baby arrives. Our chemistry rekindles, and my feelings for him grow every day. But Mercy has a secret, and when it comes to light, will our fledgling relationship survive?

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Category: Sports Romance

The Doctor’s Twins

by Lydia Hall

A crazy nightmare led me into the arms of a hot doctor that saved my life.

My abusive ex-husband was a bigger danger than I’d thought.

Escaping him was my only option but I’d already lost the baby growing inside me.

Ben was not only my gynecologist, he was also the man that gave me hope.

His touch soothed my pain, melting me instantly.

It made me forget that I’d escaped a dangerous criminal.

Ben was ex-military and he made me feel safe, but I’d already decided to protect my heart.

There was no way I was going to fall for my doctor.

He was way older than me and I had already been shattered by more bad news.

I’d never be able to carry a child again.

But Ben was the kind of man that could transform nightmares into miracles.

Maybe even two little miracles this time.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

An Authoress and a Viscount

by Ann Hawthorne

A heroine eager for an escape. A hero eager for a diversion. A court where no one can escape the prying eyes…

Lavinia Dudley, a young novelist catapulted into fame, has been offered a great honor – to attend Queen Charlotte. However, her new duties and the sharp-toothed social circuit drain her. Moreover, she is now at the mercy of haughty ladies who will never let her forget she is merely a music teacher’s daughter.

Hugh, Lord Granville, has been offered a great opportunity – to become an equerry to the King and remedy his late father’s disgrace. However, the new position tears him away from his beloved home and the life he knew, and leaves him to find escape in sensual diversions.

A royal trip to Cheltenham will throw them together. But when the scheme they concoct takes them too far, will love be enough to save them?

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Category: Historical Romance