Dragon’s Baby

by Miranda Martin

My life as a scientist is ripped apart when pirates attack our ship.

We crash on a planet that barely supports life.
I’m rescued from the scorching desert wasteland by a Zmaj warrior, Ladon. It soon becomes clear I’m not a prisoner. I’m his mate. The moment he touches my trembling body, he leaves no doubt…

This protective dragon owns me.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Kingdom’s Reign

by Monique Moreau

A grieving biker. A love jaded attorney. Can they heal each other’s wounds?

Since the death of his patch brother, Kingdom has felt nothing but rage and loss. Until, he meets Sage on a trip to a tattoo shop to get fresh ink for his fallen brother. She’s sexy. Brilliant. And exactly the kind of challenge that makes him ache.

Being a no-nonsense defense attorney, the second Sage caught her fiancé cheating she’d sworn off men. While breaking that rule for a tatted up member of an MC seems like a monumentally bad idea, she can’t fight her attraction to Kingdom. When he invites her on a ride, she finds herself wanting so much more.

Can the unlikely pair help each other move on from the wounds of the past? Or will club tensions with a rival MC find a way to use their weaknesses against them?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Save Me (Charmed Series): Small Western Town Military Alpha Romance

by Jean Stokes

She is new in town…He is an angry discharged veteran…They hate each other but can they work together?

(Steamy enemy to lover passion in a small Western town, a tight-knit group of smokin’ hot protective military alphas and their feisty heroines! There is no cliffhanger and it can be read standalone.)

Autumn moved to Charmed to get away from her failing career and terrible ex-fiancé.

While she loves the town, there is one person she can’t stand. The two got off on the wrong foot, and now Autumn is tasked to work with the very man she hates.

Luke never really thought he’d return, as he always imagined his career in the military would keep him overseas. But then, a terrible attack left him wounded and honorably discharged.

Now he’s working to get his body back to how it used to be. Easier said than done.

But then, there’s Autumn…can she save him despite hating him?

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Category: Western Romance

Should’ve Been a Cowboy

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Addicted to her cowboy’s kisses…
Tyler O’Connelli kissed Alex Keller goodbye and figured that was that. Tyler’s career takes her all over the globe, while Alex settles in the little town of Shoshone, Wyoming. But when Tyler makes a quick visit to see family, her reunion with Alex rekindles a fire that never died.
Tyler is blindsided by Alex’s transformation. Who knew a Stetson, snug jeans and a pair of boots would rocket him from cute to smokin’ hot? Leaving him the first time was tough. Leaving him now is unthinkable.
But she’s just been offered the biggest promotion of her career….

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Hungry Like a Wolf

by Jessica Lynch

Alpha wolf Maddox believes he has lost his human mate forever — and in his world, that’s a fate close to death. But when he discovers that Evangeline is still alive, he’ll fight tooth and claw to make her remember their love…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Season of the Witch

by Jessica Lynch

Colton Wolfe doesn’t like witches. When he discovers one is his fated mate, he convinces her to use her magic to sever their bond. Shea Moonshadow will do anything for the shifter that holds her heart, even let him break it. But before she can, a group of murderous vampires comes to town. Their leader wants Shea… and, Colt realizes, so does he.

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by Isobel Reed

Jenny, a 30-year-old, fiery war correspondent from London, has left a trail of broken hearts along the battlefield. After witnessing the death of her close friend and ex-lover, she starts to question everything. Leaving behind her friends and family, she escapes to the small, picturesque town of Portamaine in Texas.

As she endeavours to work through her loss and make a decision about her future, things get even more complicated when she meets two hunky locals, Jackson and Todd. Already torn, she ends up with more decisions than she bargained for. Will she follow her heart or her head?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Adult Fairy Tale Romance: Complete Collection Books 1-8

by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Four Kings who will leave you breathless—each one sexier than the other.

No fairy tale collection is complete without Cinderella. In The Vampire King meet Cindy. Will she put her trust in a drunken hooker, who promises to get her to the ball to see her beloved prince?

In The Alpha King, Red seeks help from the one and only, Alpha King. A hot, arrogant werewolf who’s had his eye on her since he stepped foot into Farrington.

Ready to read the Snow White inspired fairy tale, The Ice King? Yanni must repair her reputation in order to become Queen, and with the right man by her side she can change her future.

The Fae King stars reader favorite, Martha, and is set in the magical world of The Vampire King. Readers, who enjoy magical fairy tale retellings, will love this steamy take of a fairy godmother’s search for more than a happy ever after.

These twisted fairy tales will drive you wild. Grab this limited time fairy tale boxed set now and begin your fairy tale adventure.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

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