The School Mistress

by Tess Thompson

1910 found me arriving in Emerson Pass with my entire life in one small suitcase.
Compared to Boston, life wouldn’t be easy in this tiny frontier town.
Everyone was counting on me. My family to provide for them and the mayor to teach the town’s children.
I was determined to make it work, but things didn’t start off well.
A stray gunshot spooked the horses, and I ended up face-first in the snow.
Until rescue came in the strong, capable hands of widower and single father Lord Barnes.
English royalty, older, and affluent.
Despite our rapport and my instant connection with his children, courtship was out of the question due to our age and class differences. Almost as if by fate, our chance at happiness was within reach unless the realities of the unsettled mountain territory tear us apart.

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Category: Historical Romance


Unbossly Manners

by Brooke Stanton

Peyton is a bedroom bore. Labeled broken during her most brutal date so far. Jackson can’t get over his ex but knows he has to move on. Then a run-in at the office with new employee Peyton becomes an indecent proposal and Jackson agrees to be Peyton’s sexual tutor. Will their steamy syllabus cover confusing feelings in time for an emotional climax?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


The Venus Club: Book 1

by Maggie Hall

Verity has been a boring good girl for as long as she can remember, but after she ditches her idiot of a fiancé, she’s invited to join a ladies’ club by an old friend. But this club isn’t interested in charitable works and cake sales. This is an ultra-exclusive club where the women are known as Goddesses and the men as Servants…

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Category: Erotic Romance