Secrets of a Duke’s Daughter

by Samantha Holt

Cassie is finally ready to take control of her life and join her mother’s investigative society. She’s more than confident she can do the job—even when her first case involves a potentially deadly scandal. What she’s not quite prepared for is her brother’s attractive (and increasingly distracting) friend acting as her self-appointed bodyguard…

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Category: Historical Romance


Entwined Within the Darkness

by Charley Black

Haunting red eyes and forgotten memories.

Patience, the mysterious witch, crosses paths with the seductive vampire, Lucius. An unspoken attraction ignites, forbidden desires entangle, and the fear of the unknown looms large.

United by a dangerous mission, they embark on a quest to secure the soul gem and rescue their loved ones. As their paths entwine, long-guarded secrets unfurl, revealing a connection beyond their wildest imaginings. But can Patience convince Lucius that her life holds more value than her death?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Seducing the Wrong Twin

by Fiona Stone

I took my twin’s place at the altar. A marriage arranged between families that turned rivals into allies. Now my lies keep adding up but my love for him is real. Our enemies don’t want our family alliance to succeed. Will he love me for me or has my lie only helped our enemies?

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Category: Contemporary Romance