Dark Master’s Kiss: Vampire Masters of Italy #1

by Ava Ward

I’ve met a hot vampire Barone in Florence—and it’s thrust me into a whole new world.

My Summer Fae parents hid me in the human world because of some monster I’m supposed to be, a Dark Fae.

Now, I’ve come through to the Fae realm, and everyone here wants me dead.

From the King of the Summer Fae to the ruthless Vampire Council of Italy, they all want to kill me because of powers I didn’t think I had.

As the hot Summer Fae Prince steps up to defend me, vying with the vampire Barone to possess me, I’m not sure I want their help.

Because in this world, help comes with debts, and debts must be paid.

And in a place where death lurks around every corner, the most deadly thing here—is me.

From an Amazon bestselling author in Paranormal Romance & Fantasy Romance, the Vampire Masters of Italy is a spicy dark fae fantasy romance with a hot vampire fae love trio.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Married to the Enemy Highlander

by Bonnie Kimmons

With Mairi’s home in ashes, her life is ruined. What is worse…the only helping hand is of the cruel Laird MacIntyre.

When Laird Iain saves his enemy’s daughter, marriage is the last thing on his mind. But now she owes him…and an heir is long due.

Their marriage of convenience has two rules: no feelings and sharing his bed for a month. And while not falling for the cruel Laird should be easy, Mairi soon finds that Iain’s kiss promises one thing: to consume her.

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Category: Historical Romance

It’s Always Been You

by Harper Michaels

A sexy instalove age gap romance filled with humor and passion…

Ally Marshall has a male best friend named Sam, and no, contrary to the popular best friend trope, she’s not in love with him. He happens to be hopelessly in love with someone else. Ally has her own unrequited love to deal with. She’s been in love with Sam’s older brother since she was fifteen.

Of course, Jax, the man in question, has no idea about her heartache, and she has no intention of telling him. Jax didn’t notice Ally until she grew up. Then, bam, did he notice…and now he can’t go back to unnoticing. He’s ten years older than her, a professor at her school, and he’s pretty sure that she’s secretly in love with his little brother. She’s the most inappropriate person for him to be attracted to, but that doesn’t seem to matter to his heart or his libido.

When Ally accidentally signs up for his class, will they both be able to disguise their true feelings? Or will they slip up, and cause a rift between both family and friends?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance