Breathless in Love (The Maverick Billionaires 1)

by Bella Andre

Billionaire Will Franconi has a dark past that he’s kept a closely guarded secret – until he meets Harper Newman and she fills up the empty places inside him. But can he ever be worthy of her love? Find out why millions of readers around the world have fallen in love with Bella Andre’s sexy contemporary romances!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Marie Johnston

I’m a self-professed daddy’s girl, but now he’s gone and I’m left to run the company that’s become my life, my passion. Until I get a visit from a lawyer with demands from a mysterious tycoon. The terms are clear: marry Jacobi Dixon or he’ll spill all my dad’s dirty secrets, revealing a past that could tank the company.

So, fine. I’ll marry him. I’ll protect my company. But before I say my vows I’ll run to Cabo San Lucas and get myself good and ruined first.

I don’t know anything about my future husband, just like I don’t know how badly he wants what should’ve been his in the first place, and it’s not just my company, it’s me.

Ruined is the first book in the Ruined and Redeemed duet written by an award-winning author. London and Jacobi’s journey will continue in Redeemed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Fireworks with Three Mountain Men

by K.C. Crowne

My sister’s ex wants to make me his.
And his two equally hot friends are ready to join the party.
With all this sexual tension between the four of us…
I’m feeling sparks like the Fourth of July!!

Dylan is my sister’s ex-boyfriend and as dreamy as they come.
He’s protective, strong, and as big as the mountains he calls home.
Red is quiet and thoughtful. Like a huge teddy bear, I want to cuddle with all night long.
Cash is wild, flirty, and a complete force of nature. Oh yes…. this should be fun.

All of them have bodies to die for.
Three rugged Mountain Men.
Two fierce UFC fighters.
And one VERY lucky girl.

But my life is complicated and in no way am I ready for a serious relationship.
So I’ll go into this with zero expectations.

But two pink lines on a pregnancy test tell me life just got way more complicated! Yikes!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Wreck Me

by Eliza Peake

He’s the grumpy, broody, sheriff who knows how to use handcuffs.
She’s the sunshine, hot mess express wrecking havoc in his town and his life.
Sharing his bed wasn’t part of the plan…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Cinderella Busted

by Petie McCarty

Billionaire developer, Rhett Buchanan, is forced to inspect a shipment of priceless trees and meets the girl of his dreams instead. A bit jaded where women are concerned—since most are gold diggers—Rhett falls head over heels for the Jupiter Island socialite who only wants him, not his money. Except she isn’t the glamorous socialite she appears to be.
She’s the gardener . . .

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bitten and Smitten

by Michelle Rowen

My name is Sarah Dearly. Welcome to my week from hell. My fanged blind date bit me, and now I’m being chased by vampire hunters with sharp, pointy wooden stakes. I run… straight into a sexy master vampire with a death wish. Can I convince him to guide me in my new vampire life, and in return, show him that life’s still worth living? “Rowen hits the nail (or is it the stake?) on the head…a true modern girl’s guide to (vampire) life.” – Publishers Weekly

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Category: Paranormal Romance