by K.D. Elizabeth

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I’ve wanted her for twenty-seven years.
But she hates me.

We were best friends throughout childhood.
Yet I always burned for more.

Then I left her for college.
When she followed two years later, I thought we’d finally be together.

One night we almost gave in to our attraction.
But then everything went horribly wrong.
And she kicked me out of her life.

We both returned to our tiny town after graduation.
We haven’t spoken in a decade.
Our feud has become infamous.

Now I’m selling her farm.
Can I convince her I also come with the sale?

Or will we stay enemies forever?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

I Hate You

by Natasha L. Black

Just a few problems with my dream job:

1. Stolen equipment.
2. Sabotage on my job site.
3. Smoking hot Nicole.

Correction: She’s my #1 problem.

This job is nothing but trouble.
And it’s about to get so much worse.
Dangerous sabotage at the job site puts Nicole’s life in danger.

Plus there’s the little secret she’s carrying…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Awakening of Meena Rawat

by Anoop Judge

Born into the “Untouchables” caste in a small village in North India, Meena frequently relives the nightmare of abuses and slurs she suffered in an orphanage. Now a young woman in a loveless, abusive marriage, she comes face to face with her childhood sweetheart, only to discover that he is now a billionaire businessman.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Mean Right Hook

by Michele Mills

Leah’s stuck in a tenuous mining cage with a silent, rugged alien miner with mighty fists and shocking fangs—who keeps pulling her into his massive arms and inhaling her scent.

When the cage starts hurtling towards certain disaster Leah’s about to discover the true meaning of the term, “mating compatible.”

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Wreck Me

by Eliza Peake

Aidan Reynolds has enough to handle as interim sheriff in the small town of Madison Ridge. With a woefully understaffed force & the busy season approaching, he doesn’t have time to babysit a big city stranger.

When Megan Gentry wrecks her car passing through town, he’s just doing his job making sure her vehicle gets towed, the town doc stitches her up, & she has a roof over her head. But peak tourist season means no vacancies & while he’s a broody bastard preferring an orderly life, his job is to protect & serve. That includes the captivating Megan.

Every moment together makes it harder to keep his distance. If he’s not careful, she’ll break more than his rules.

When she leaves, will he stop her? Or will he let her go & wreck his heart in the process?

Author’s Note: A steamy opposites attract, small town romance with a charmingly messy heroine, protective hero, & fun with caramel syrup.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Taste of Fire

by R.Tezak

He pulls the deepest memories to the surface. Memories that I know I shouldn’t have. Memories so distant they date back, not years, but centuries. Jonah is more than the bad boy he’s pretending to be. And he teases that I’m definitely more than just a girl waiting tables. But can I believe it? I’m learning that vampires are real and most people should tip better because waitresses can be immortal Queens. My name is Zara and I have lived a thousand lives. Lives I can’t even begin to remember but I’ve only had one love, one love that I can’t seem to forget. My blood is ancient and bonded with fire. It’s an aphrodisiac of the underworld and everyone’s dying for a taste.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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