A Fallen Knight

by Laurencia Hoffman

Train. Fight. Die.

Such is the life for soldiers of the Kingdom of Daloran, who are forbidden to form strong attachments that are considered a distraction from their duties. Robin is one amongst many who struggles with how his life is forfeited to the crown.
Driven by crushing loneliness, Robin reaches out through Telebird to anyone who will listen.

Arabella is from the enemy Kingdom of Iros, yet neither faults the other their birthplaces as they form an unlikely friendship.
Soon, that friendship grows into a love that could cost them everything. If discovered, they would be labeled traitors. Hunted. Tried for their crimes.

Can they keep their love a secret? Or will Robin and Arabella risk it all for a chance to be together?

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Category: Fantasy Romance

A Disgraced Knight

by Laurencia Hoffman

He betrayed his country for love. Now, he will do whatever it takes to claim redemption.

Forced to work for the enemy kingdom, Robin, the former Knight of Daloran, longs to return to the home he’s been banished from and prove himself to the people who view him as a traitor. However, after fighting for months on end, he is forced into medical leave.

But rest is the last thing on Robin’s mind.

Struggling to navigate his complicated new reality, he takes dangerous risks to build connections with those who can accept him, flaws and all. Can he find a place where he belongs? Or will his inability to forgive himself stand in his way of future happiness?

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Summer House Hottie

by Tatumn Dixon

It’s summer, and Leigha Fallon has decided it’s time to live her best life. Joining her friend, Mandy, for a week of debauchery at a shared beach rental, Leigha is psyched for some carefree fun in the sun. But when she meets the Summer House Hottie, Brodie, her libido has her longing for a bit more. Equally interested, Brodie is all about getting to know Leigha, and that includes every inch of her body, but when feelings get in the way of a summer hook-up Leigha can’t help but wonder—Will she leave the house heartbroken? Or could there be more than summer-lovin’ in her future…

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Category: Erotic Romance

Beast & Bossy (Boulder Billionaires Book 3)

by Mia Mara

I need a bride, and Cinderella is perfect to play the part. The beauty crashed my friend’s wedding, called me a beast… and ran. But I always find what I want. And I want her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance