Daddy FFM

by Dolliana Jeffries

Her dad’s best friend is totally off-limits, then why is Vanessa crushing on him?
Her BFF been crushing on her ever since they met but Vanessa will never give in to a girl, will she?
This trio’s journey is extremely hot & steamy.
Guaranteed to satisfy.

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Category: Erotica

She’s Mine

by Lydia Hall

She needed protection when I was hired to guard her life.

And now… I need to save her from myself.

Alyssa is 15 years younger than me.

That’s a problem but I want her every second of every day.

She feels safe when I put my arms around her.

Partying became her escape after the Bloodline Cartel murdered her brother.

And watching her become vulnerable with me has made me want her even more.

I’d turn the world upside down to keep her safe.

I told myself I’d keep my distance.

But I couldn’t help pressing my lips against hers.

Life began feeling unreal with her before the darkness returned.

My ability to protect her would be tested when a secret comes out.

Along with another secret that’s growing inside her.

I’d be damned if I let the enemies destroy my family.

She’s mine – and always will be.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Tainted Goods: A Revenge to Love Romance (Dangerous Love Book 1)

by Kelly Myers

I had heard stories about women falling in love with their kidnappers, but didn’t think it could happen in real life…until it happened to me.
Nico killed the man that my mother was married to.
But he was the one that showed up when my life was in danger.
If I made it out alive, would I dare confess my love for Nico, embracing our tainted story?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Her Independence Day

by K.C. Crowne

Four untamed Marines.
One girl on the serious rebound.
Who said sparks only fly on the Fourth of July?

Life hasn’t been easy…
So I move in with my older brother temporarily while he’s away for business.

To my surprise I won’t be staying alone.
My roommates are four of my brother’s best friends.

Strapping Marines.
Sexy-as-hell brothers in arms.
Dirty and protective.

Some remember me as a kid.
And all four stare at me like I’m a forbidden desert they’d do anything to taste.

Our first night together they sneak into my room, shirts off, their hands on my skin,
Making my wildest fantasies seem rated PG.

Yet satisfying the physical and emotional needs of four powerful soldiers is not without its share of problems.
And something tells me they’re hiding a colossal secret.
One that could bring all sorts of trouble…
Not to mention unexpected surprises.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

SEALed with a Kiss

by Kai Lesy

WANTED: Three Scorching Hot SEALs seeking ONE special lady to satisfy our UNIQUE lifestyle.

As I gawk at the photo of three ripped GQ models in my inbox,
I wonder whether I should kiss my friends or whack them over their heads for setting me up on a fake dating profile.

I should delete the email and get back to my business…
But my curiosity simply won’t have it.

Fast forward and I find myself sitting face to face with the most gorgeous and sinful trio.
They’re even hotter than their photos. How???

Ethan is the fierce leader. Confident, cocky, and knows how to take control.
Logan, is the quiet storm. Calculated in every move, and I have a feeling he knows just the right moves to make me melt.
And then there’s Dean. Wears his heart on his sleeves and has the sexiest smile.

But I’m one fiercely independent woman with a dying business that eats up all my time.
I’ve never been able to maintain a relationship with a guy – much less THREE all at once!

Maybe that’s why this ‘no strings’ arrangement is perfect…
No jealousy. Just three ripped, powerful brothers-in-arms ready to share me in every possible way.

But I find myself in quite the predicament when a pregnancy test spits back two pink lines.
How can I tell them my secret when our arrangement had ‘no strings’ stamped all over it?

And to make matters worse, they’ve been keeping BIG secret.
One that could put us all in REAL danger.
Will my baby daddies be up for the challenge danger comes knocking?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Four Tattoos: A Grumpy Sunshine Age Gap Reverse Harem Romance

by Stephanie Brother

Falling for four gruff tattoo artists is unexpected…getting pregnant is catastrophic.

I’m the girl everyone looks to for a sunny comment and a bright smile. That’s why my attraction to four older ex-military men with silver in their hair and dark ink all over their muscular bodies comes as a complete surprise.

We have nothing in common, but I’m putty in their experienced hands.

The four men make me feel safe, and the more time I spend with them, the more I start to care. They mark my skin and imprint themselves on my heart…but our fling leads to consequences.

I’m not expecting that the five of us will form a happy little family, but the men deserve to know about their newest creation, and I need to find the words to tell them they’re going to be daddies.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Vengefully Yours

by J Rose Black

Destined to protect her.
Forbidden to love her.

Immerse yourself in this collection of short stories filled with dark secrets, tormented pasts and forbidden desires. Where love still conquers all.

Join six heroes (and the heroines they pine for) on these fast-paced adventures of mystery and romance, longing and loyalty, vengeance and redemption. And get just a taste of how far a man will go to protect the one woman he can’t have…

1940’s era private investigator Joe Casey finds himself entangled with a dangerously alluring woman as he launches a war of vengeance against the mob.

Stellan Stark, a paramilitary assassin for hire, must face the mission and the woman he walked away from – ten years ago. With his handlers watching his every move, can Stellan find the closure he needs to finally leave the tempting and tempestuous Verity Cordray in the past? Or would he dare defy orders a second time?

Former Marine intelligence operative Maxen Brigh joins forces with the relentless and attractive investigative reporter Aveline Watson. Together, they embark on a high-profile, international manhunt for a murderer. The victim: Dr. John Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ assistant – and Aveline’s father.

Plus, three more tales of dark pasts with hopeful futures.

Whether you prefer streetwise private investigators, loyal and protective military men, or even alpha males with a dark past – there’s a steamy, suspense-filled story for you inside Vengefully Yours.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance