The First Dryad

by Teshelle Combs

Aia is dragged to the Palace in chains to compete for the chance to be used by the High Prince. The ancient blood in her veins is exactly what her realm needs. But when she falls for the wrong prince, her will to survive is tested. And love…love is ruin.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Completely Rocked Series Box Set

by Jessalyn Jameson

Start getting to know the guys of the world’s hottest rock band today, with the first three full-length rock star romance novels of the Completely Rocked Series! Each story focuses on one member of the band and their journey to happily ever after.

Book One: ATLAS
A jaded rock star + stripper romance in the City of Sin…

What do you do when the world’s hottest bassist sets his sights on you?
You turn him down.

Look, you can shake your head at me all you want, but I have plans. Plans that don’t involve the no-pants dance with sexy, jaded rock stars. But Atlas Reynolds isn’t one to give up easily and he certainly doesn’t take no for an answer. Too bad I’ve already got one foot out the proverbial door and sticking around–even for a reckless weekend between the sheets with the world’s sexiest rock star–could derail my best laid plans.

When I finally give in, I discover that this bad boy bassist plays hard–and loves even harder.
Billions of women want him, but he wants only me.

Book Two: CADE
A reverse age-gap romance between a single mom and the world’s sexiest drummer.

Cade Scott embodies every rule I’ve never dared to break…
Which is comical coming from someone whose ex-husband broke all the rules. But not me. Nope, I stayed in my lane, raising our daughter and supporting him while he chased his dreams–and every woman in a fifty-mile radius. Now I’m a divorced, single mom pushing forty… and starting over completely. Good times!

Obviously, I’ve sworn off men completely, so of course this would be the time that a man as delicious as Cade Scott should happen to walk into my life. He’s half my age and I can’t even believe I’m about to do this…

But when the sexiest rock star you’ve ever laid eyes on promises the kind of passion you’ve only ever read about, the only appropriate answer is yes.

And Cade has me screaming it.

Book Three: BRIT
A slightly taboo romance between the woman behind New York’s hottest underground BDSM clubs and her soon-to-be stepbrother–who just happens to be a member of the biggest rock band of our time.

Discretion is my third favorite D word–after Dominant and… well, you can probably guess the other one–but it’s also the key to my success. My clients are household names, everyone from actors and musicians to senators and, one time, even an acting president. They know their after hours activities are safe with me.

I’ve spent years cultivating my good name, building this network of underground clubs, and solidifying my place at the top. Landing myself in the tabloids would destroy everything I’ve worked so hard to create. And truly, what else can come from a whirlwind–and slightly taboo–love affair with one of the world’s most beloved rock stars?

I knew better. I should have stayed away. But as soon as Brit Davenport kneeled, I fell.

The Completely Rocked Series Box Set, Books 1-3 contains the first three complete books of the Completely Rocked Series, plus some spicy Knox Reeves Bonus Material!

HIS FISHY MODEL is a #spicy Completely Rocked Short Story that was previously published as part of the EAT YOUR HEART OUT Charity Anthology Collection in 2022 and can now only be found within the pages of this collection!

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

A Wife For The Lighthouse Keeper: Steamy Age Gap Historical Regency Novella

by Viola Grey

The lighthouse keeper took one look at the sweet, innocent young thing asleep in his bed and thought… Mine.

Ginny is desperate. Let go from her last position for refusing the master’s sordid advances, and without a reference, Ginny finds herself on the cliffs of Cornwall in search of a new beginning. Lost in the darkness, cold and alone, she follows the only light for miles around… It leads her to the isolated lighthouse of Cragmeer, standing fierce and steadfast against the power of the sea… And Daveth, the reclusive and enigmatic older man who takes her in and promises to show her just how a real man should treat his woman.

Daveth was used to being alone, having spent most of his life tending the blaze at the top of the lighthouse, but he never expected to find a girl asleep in his bed, or that just one look at her lovely face would turn his world upside down. Ginny must be half his age, but Daveth can’t stop his growing obsession with her, no matter how hard he fights to control his lustful urges. Daveth knows she must leave, but every minute spent in her presence breaks down the walls he has built around his heart a little more.

With a storm rolling in, and danger lurking on the rocky cliffs, Ginny finds she is determined to tempt Daveth into losing control, once and for all… However, she might get more than she bargained for, as Daveth has no intention of tasting her sweet pleasure and then letting her go. He is playing for keeps and won’t stop until he takes it all, her innocence, her pleasure.

This is a sweet but scorching hot short romance featuring a strong, silent lighthouse keeper (who can’t keep his thoughts to himself in the bedroom) and the strong, independent young woman who stumbles into his life and brings him to his knees. HEA guaranteed.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Guard My Heart

by Weston Parker

She’s off limits, and I follow the rules—normally. In my line of work, rules keep you alive. They are not to be broken. For anything. She’s everything I shouldn’t want. But I need her; I’ll teach her to follow the rules of the job. But in bed? I’m show her how good it feels to break them.

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Category: Contemporary Romance