Anjal (The Children of the Sun God Book 1)

by Tiffany Ann

In a world where demigods, mythology, and destiny collide, Anjal and Priscilla embark on a journey filled with passion, challenges, and the unyielding bonds of love. Will Anjal overcome his hesitations and claim his mate? Can Priscilla accept the extraordinary destiny that awaits her?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Depths of Destruction

by Maggie Cole

She’s a Secret Treasure of War…
It’s a routine mission in Belize. Get in, get out, save the women.
Then I see Naomi’s photo and watch her hostage video.
A stirring…an ache…a desire so deep for her heats up my blood and annihilates me.
Then I meet her.
It accelerates my thirst, riling up my inner beast.
She’s an investigative reporter and knows things she shouldn’t.
But all the women have secrets…knowledge about a global force so powerful the world will implode with greed. Freedom will no longer exist.
Instead of delivering her, we run.
The heat of the jungle is a blow torch demolishing my restraint, until I have to make her mine.
But enemies lurk everywhere. After it’s over, I’ll have to piece her back together again.

$0.00 Previously $4.99

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Category: Military Romance