The Flower Cottage: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Discover a heartwarming tale of love and second chances in Sapphire Bay! In this small-town romance, Paris and Richard’s lives intertwine on Anchor Lane. Will Paris’s outrageous plan and Richard’s guarded heart lead to a life-changing journey? Join them in this feel-good story that will captivate fans of Pamela Kelley and Robyn Carr!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Rock Stars in Disguise: The Boxed Set

by Blair Babylon

Rock and roll bands are pits of self-destruction, drug abuse, and insanity.
And then there are the bad ones. But Killer Valentine is different, and they’re finally all in one book, just for you. Includes: What A Girl Wants (Rhiannon), Somebody to Love (Tryp), The Rock Star’s Secret Baby (Cadell), and Santa, Baby (Peyton)

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Impossible Mate

by D. R. Smith

If my fated mate knew what I was, he’d kill me.

I’m a Necro witch with the ability to see the souls of other living things. Thanks to the shifters’ brutality, I’m one of the few left. Let’s just say we don’t get along.

And then James Moore waltzes into my life. He’s not just the scorching hot Alpha of the local pack, he’s the most powerful shifter I’ve ever seen.

After he saves me from being kidnapped by a rogue wolf, he drops a bombshell. We’re fated mates. It should be impossible, but the bond is strong and our burning desire for each other is undeniable. And to make matters worse, he insists I stay with him at his home, surrounded by his shifters. Shifters that will kill me if I make one false move and reveal my secret.

So I’ve got to stop the kidnappers and figure out how to get rid of the bond. All while resisting my body’s lust for the dangerously handsome alpha and hiding what I am. Otherwise, being kidnapped will be the least of my worries.

Impossible Mate is a slow-burn, enemies to lovers, fated mates romance and the first book of three in The Impossible Mate Series. Beware, this isn’t a stand alone and has a cliff, but HEA is guaranteed.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


A Hero Worth Saving

by K.T. Munson

That is who her husband is to be. He brings all the promise of salvation from the torments of her unhappy family, but all she can offer are secrets. Instead of a legitimate daughter to one of the most prominent Ducals, she is a secret illegitimate child. Not beloved like her sisters, but the scorn of her father’s eye. A budding Mystic with the ability to read emotions on objects. Not to mention her ailing mother and two half-siblings that rely on her support.

Yet she suspects her husband has secrets of his own. Will their secrets tear them apart or bring them together?

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Category: Fantasy Romance