Nowhere Safe: Slye Team Black Ops (Romantic Action Adventure)

by Dianna Love

“…taut pacing with sizzling tension.” ~Goodreads – Her brother will die if she makes a wrong move. The sexy new FBI agent suddenly interested in Trish defines the word mistake. In NYT Bestseller Dianna Love’s fast-paced enemies-to-lovers romantic thriller, Josh is tortured by the memory of a woman who paid the ultimate price during a mission. He vows to never break Rule #1 again by getting involved with a woman who’s part of an operation. In deep undercover, Josh must insert himself into the life of Trish Jackson, sister of his number one suspect as a traitor. Trish’s only family is her brother who flies secret missions for the DEA. She’ll do anything to protect him when an insane stalker terrorizes her and threatens his life. Josh can’t repeat his past mistake, but keeping the sultry Trish out of harm’s way, and his arms, forces him to question everything, starting with Rule #1.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Take Two

by Christine Harvey

A second chance in Hollywood? Pfft. Samantha knows better.

After the infamous tabloid segment that landed A-list actor Evan Gallagher in jail, former reporter Samantha Jamison fled as far as she could. She retreated within herself, turning boring and beige. She’s only back in Hollywood to help her best friend make a film. A film that happens to star Evan Gallagher. And he has just asked her out. She can’t run away again, he doesn’t know her past persona, and he’s the sexiest thing on two legs. Plus, she’s tired of being beige. What could it hurt?

While Samantha navigates steamy kisses at auditions, Hollywood parties with lecherous casting agents, and her own warring heart, she and Evan move closer to the inevitable time when she’ll have to reveal her secret and lose everything. Or will she? Samantha learns that sometimes, you really do get a second chance…

Sweet with heat steam level

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Goldie and the Three Bears: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Sports Romance

by Theodora Taylor

Find out why readers are WARNING other readers about this book….

“Give me a glass of ice, cold water PLEASE for this repeat read! People, you will never and I mean NEVER visualize Goldilocks in the same way after reading Theodora Taylor’s take. I wish I could give it 10 HOT smexy stars! -Dee, Amazon Review

One calls me mija. One calls me baby. One makes me call him….

What would you do if you found yourself stuck in the wilderness, with no one to turn to but three large and extremely hot football players?

Well, that’s my situation.

And I’m not sure I can handle these three bears.

Can you?

READER WARNING: This Ruthless Fairytale is BLAZING HOT. Please do not one-click without the proper…ahem…support for any feelings that might arise

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Category: Erotic Romance


Level Me Up

by Lauren Helms

I was exploring the world,
Finding myself,
Figuring things out.

The last thing I expected was to find him,
A drop-dead sexy gamer,
Who was ready for a challenge.

The problem is,
I was no match for him.

She is everything I wasn’t looking for,
And now, I can’t imagine one second without her.

But as a professional gamer,
I travel the country,
Coming and going on a whim,
To play the game,
Striving for victory.

This time, it’s not about the win.
It’s about Leveling Up,

With her,
And only her,

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Category: Contemporary Romance

One More Round

by Lauren Helms

Life was on track, going great,
And I couldn’t have been happier.

But then he walks back in,
The tall, dark, broody blast from my past,
The one that got away,
Or shall I say, the one I pushed away,

Now, he’s pushing the boundaries,
Demanding answers,
Ready to bring the past to the present,
For a chance at a future.

As a professional gamer,
I’m focused and detailed,
Weighing all of my options.

After she left, I was lost, shattered,
And thought it was game over,
For me, for us.

But when I see her again,
There’s more at stake than just a game,
This time, I’m playing for keeps, ready for One More Round.

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A Giant Erotica Collection – 70 Stories – Forbidden and Explicit Sex Stories for Adults

by Christi Cabernet

We want to take your breath away!

We’ve put together 70 stories, more than 1,200 pages of erotica, just for you. This giant bundle contains month’s worth of stories of people experiencing their wildest fantasies, their most forbidden desires, and their most unmentionable and private ambitions!

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Category: Erotic Romance


Road To Fire

by Maria Luis

I’m not looking for a knight in shining armor when I approach Saxon Priest for a job, but there’s no preparing for the reality of meeting London’s most heartless villain in the flesh.

His eyes are cold, his mouth scarred when he dismisses me as fragile, weak.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Beneath my sunny smile, there’s nothing I won’t do to protect my family . . . even if it means facing off against a notorious killer.

Saxon is everything I should hate—
And the last man I should ever want.

But when he risks everything to save me, I succumb to the ice in his veins and the blistering heat that tethers us together.

Saxon Priest may be the devil in disguise but I’m Isla Quinn, and I killed the king.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance