Just Like Magic (Longview Romance Book One)

by Ellie Roth

Anwer wants nothing to do with magic—until his younger sister manifests powers. Famously powerful magic user Chris is the perfect person to help her control them, but falling for him is a risk Anwer can’t afford to take…

A contemporary LGBTQ+ romantic fantasy with a hint of steam and a lot of heart.

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Category: LGBT Romance

The Time Angel

by Mark G Dashper

When a Time Angel from 2257 is reborn as a young New Zealand woman called Ianthe in the late 1950’s, her final mission is simple. Watch over Matthew and especially his daughter who will eventually become the future founder of their order of the Guardians. Hortense St Angel must be protected and nurtured. But Ianthe never thought she might fall in love. Nor would she expect to have to fight off another Time Angel who has unraveled her secret journal code hidden in an old musical manuscript. How can she keep Hortense safe and shield the future from impending time rifts that threaten their survival?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

My Unassuming Stepbrother (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

How does my stepbrother get all these hot girls? I make it my job to find out.

My stepbrother Ethan isn’t the tallest, strongest, or baddest. Yet he keeps bringing home these ridiculously hot girls. What’s his secret? He must have won a bet, or has dirty secrets he’s keeping about these young women.

Surely it can’t be because he’s charming, funny, and hung. That would be too easy.

To say my curiosity is piqued would be an understatement. We’re the same age, and just like him, I’m infuriatingly horny. Plus, my boyfriend is a lackluster douchecanoe.

At first I think it’s all just a big joke to make me jealous . . . but then I start to hear the sounds coming from his bedroom: the moaning, the thudding walls, the screams. No one can fake those.

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Category: Erotica

All Duke and Bothered

by Mariah Stone

+ 99¢ Promo! + Hot Regency Romance, with enemies to lovers in an arranged marriage and a Beauty and the Beast vibe! Brooding Duke Preston Seaton seeks revenge but finds love with artist Penelope. Over 1800 reviews, 4.2 avg! 5 Stars – “Thrilling, eventful…wonderful!” Perfect for fans of Bridgerton. Grab your copy now!

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Category: Historical Romance

Discovering Desire

by Alyndra Quinn

Don’t miss the scorching hot adventures of Derek Ingram: ex-military protector deciding which is more dangerous: infiltrating an enemy organization or choosing between two wildly different strong women.

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Category: Erotic Romance