No More Secrets: A Small Town Love Story

by Lucy Score

“Totally in love…I am completely in love with Summer and Carter. I love the whole Pierce family and can’t wait to read more. I have enjoyed all of Lucy’s books and really like her writing style. The characters have a lot of depth and i love having both of their point of views.” – Jennifer McCarthy

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Bones (Rebel Saints MC, Motorcycle Club Book 1)

by Lily J. Adams

The Devil Riders think they can move in on our territory.
Over my dead body.
As President of the Rebel Saints, it’s my duty to protect my men and this town.
That’s just what I intend to do…by any means necessary.
The last thing I need is a complication like Harper.
Sexy as sin.
Trying to deny the attraction between us is futile.
And when she becomes inextricably entwined with defeating our new enemy, all bets are off.
Together, Harper and I are combustible, but so is building tension with our rivals.
Things are reaching a boiling point and ready to explode.
Not everyone can survive the fallout.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance



by Bella Klaus

I’m the daughter of our pack’s lame wolf and lower than an outcast. When fate matches me to our alpha, I might get a chance for happiness.

But my mate sacrifices me to Fenrir, a mysterious wolf god, and now my soul belongs to him.

Fenrir offers me freedom and revenge against my traitorous mate. In exchange, I must set him free from Hell…

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Cowboy Up

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Tempted by the foreman’s daughter…
Clay Whitaker, the stud expert at the Last Chance Ranch, has no time for spoiled city women. New arrival Emily Sterling fits the profile. She’s also the foreman’s daughter, which puts her totally off-limits. If her blonde, surfer girl looks inspire a reaction in his traitorous body, he’ll ignore it.
After her parents divorced, Emily’s mom warned her to stay away from cowboys. Not so easy when she visits her dad for his sixtieth birthday celebration. It’s even more challenging when she gets an eyeful of muscular Clay. Maybe mother doesn’t know best, after all. And it’s not like she’s going to fall for the guy, right?

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Category: Western Romance


The Best Friend Affair

by Ava Gray

My best friend from elementary school just came to my rescue… after I found out that I got accidentally pregnant.

Lucas isn’t the father, but he sure as hell acts like my boyfriend.
He’s trying to fix things for me.
His brilliant suggestion?
We get married so my mother doesn’t find out how irresponsible I’ve been.
I never thought that the idea of marrying him would give me butterflies.
It sounds like a real dream coming true.
Except that it’s not.
It’s a terrible idea.
Lucas and I come from worlds that couldn’t be more different.
My mother hates his guts.
I can’t say that I blame her… but I’m still caught in the middle.
And my secret pregnancy will reveal itself at some point.

I don’t want to lose the support of my family… and I also don’t want to lose Lucas.
Except that I know I will…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


His Secret

by Ajme Williams

I only had one option: Run away from my wedding.
But what I did next was quite unexpected.
I fell in love with trouble.

My secrets were all piled up when I met Zach.
A changed identity, a new name, but the same soft heart.
Zach was my new boss, but I couldn’t say no to his demands.
He took me by storm and by surprise.
I saw a submissive side of me that I didn’t know existed.
And then it happened…
The thing that I was most afraid of.
My family tracked me down.
I knew drama would follow and secrets would be revealed.
But never in a million years did I think that I’d feel this stupid.

Zach is not who he said he was.
Another betrayal… Well, big surprise!
Good thing I know how to start over.
But do I really want to run away this time around?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Casanova Club Books 1-4

by Ali Parker

The Casanova Club. A billionaire match-making club. 12 of the world’s most eligible bachelors are looking for love and the perfect wife. I signed up for one year as the bachelorette in hopes of winning someone’s heart, and now I’m the lucky lady they’re all after. But a $1M prize seems like a better deal than a ring, I have to save my family’s business. Come on boys, show me the money.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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