Consort of Secrets

by Eva Chase

Secret magic, shocking betrayals, and five childhood friends grown up oh so tempting. The rules say Rose must marry a witching man. They say she can only have one. But to claim her powers and the men she loves, she’ll break every rule there is. Get swept up in the forbidden love of this witchy reverse harem romance now!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Green Hills Academy Trilogy Box Set

by Josie Max

This is the completed bully romance series of the Green Hills Academy Trilogy. Included books are: Savage Devil, Twisted Knight, and Broken King.
I should have died that night, but it was my mom that ultimately perished. Now I’m alone, going to the prestigious academy where I’m seen as an outcast. I know I don’t belong. The devil himself, Knight King, has made it crystal clear to me.
He rules the school and I’m nothing to him. Just a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. A worthless orphan trying to steal from the rich.
What he doesn’t know is I’m not here because I want to be. I’m here to find out why my mom died. They said it was an accident, but I suspect something much worse. I got to ask, why does the devil want me to go away? Is there something he’s hiding from me?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


by Jade C. Jamison

“Fans of Thoughtless/Effortless, The Mighty Storm and How to Kill a Rockstar may want to jump on this bad-boy.” Perusing Princesses Blog

What if you discover the man you want is toxic?

Maybe it was because I’d always been a good girl, sheltered my whole life.

Or maybe it was because I didn’t know damaged goods when I saw them.

But when I met Ethan Richards, I fell hard. I didn’t think about the future or consequences or what was inside his head.

I only knew I wanted him.

When I become an integral part of his band just as they’re starting out, I experience firsthand the horrors and temptations becoming a rock star can bring, and Ethan breaks my heart again and again.

The worst part is I know he’s not hurting me on purpose.

But he can be saved. I know it. I see the love and light in his heart.

If only I can show him before it’s too late.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Paper Cut

by LNora

English literature teacher and erotica writer Mark Jones grows up not knowing much about his family. This curiosity has left him with a void and desire to know love and his history in a profound way. Fate steps in one day when Mark meets Miranda Parker who he falls for but soon discovers she beholds a dark secret. Through an odd twist of fate, Mark discovers from one of his students’ papers some disturbing news about who Miranda is and the life she leads. Will fate be enough to keep the couple together once the shocking discovery is revealed?

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Category: Contemporary Romance