The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

by Amelia Wilde

He’s beautiful. Calculating. Cruel. And he’s taken me hostage.

When pirates board my boyfriend’s yacht, I jump overboard to save myself. Drifting asea. Until one man rescues me from the endless ocean.

Except this pirate has plans of his own.

He rescued me, but I’m far from safe.

There’s an entire sea of danger threatening to drag me under.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Making Christmas

by Nancy Fraser

A 1980s Vintage Romance …

It’s been five years since William Barrett returned to Dickens to take over as CEO of Wil-Bar Toys. He’s spent these past years helping build Wil-Bar into a leader in creative, handmade toys. His work ethic and drive has left him little time for a personal life. Or, perhaps he’s still pining for the one who got away.

Catherine Gates moved away from Dickens six years earlier. Now a staff reporter for a woman’s magazine, she’s returning to Dickens to do a story on Wil-Bar Toys new production methods and get the scoop on their upcoming holiday line.

Can these two childhood friends make up for lost time and pursue the romance they missed out on years earlier? Or, will Cat’s story expose too much and put them at odds with one another?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Savage Devil

by Josie Max

He’s the devil.
He is my hero. He is one of the good ones. Or so I thought.
But then he told me he wanted me dead and everything changed.
My world collided with his and it’s been agony ever since.
Now I’m forced to live with his family. Go to his school. Get ridiculed by his friends.
But what do I care? I’ve dealt with worse. There’s more to me than he can imagine. Knight King believes he and his group of thugs can ruin me.
He may be the king of Green Hills Academy but guess who’s about to overthrow his throne? His life will never be the same when I’m done with him.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Inheritance Revealed

by Cheryl A. Hunter

Arianna awakens and must accept the reality of how her life is changed, forever. She discovers she is a vampire hunter, James is a vampire, and the mythology she teaches is not entirely fiction. With help from Giovanni, a cranky vampire hunter, Arianna discovers her inner talents, and she begins to unravel the mysterious family secret in her past.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Arrogant Jerk

by Kelly Myers

This couldn’t be true…
I couldn’t be in love with another younger woman who is just after my money!

Claudia Wilks is my new nanny… and my future heartbreak.
My little girl’s mother abandoned us soon after she gave birth.
She left a hole inside my heart that I turned into anger.
I became a different person, a ruthless businessman.
But Claudia brings out the side of me that I’d forgotten about.
It’s impossible for me to trust another woman.
Especially one who is a decade younger than me.
She could be obsessed with my wealth, but my heart says otherwise.
History, however, has a habit of repeating itself.
I can’t risk having a broken home again, so I’d have to fire Claudia.
But what if something stops me? The one thing that would change the course of my life.
Will I be able to put my ego aside, let her in, and accept her big secret?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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