Forbidden Billionaire Boss

by Dolliana Jeffries

An awkward situation. check.
A grumpy bosshole. check.
Was the awkward situation with the bosshole? Embarrassingly, yes.
But that was years ago.
Now, as a recent college graduate, I find myself in an interview for my very first job, only to discover that the harsh stranger from the past is now my new boss.
He’s not any better now; in fact, he’s worse.
But I won’t let his grumpy demeanor intimidate me. I’ll ignore his demanding attitude, frequent office summons, and intense gaze.
However, his jealousy and possessiveness catch my attention. Could it be that my boss has feelings for me?
It seems unlikely, considering he’s a wealthy older man and he has just implemented a strict “no office romance” policy.
Nevertheless, when our paths cross again and a spark ignites, I can’t help but wonder if my forbidden boss will break his own rule for me.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Boss Agreement

by Sylvia Hart

Phillip Loughton is my ice-cold, billionaire boss. When he makes a stupid bet to try out life as the other 99% for a month, I offer him my couch.

I need help with rent, and he needs a place to stay, so here we are. Thirty days of living with my billionaire boss as my roommate. What could go wrong?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Unexpectedly Real

by Christa Wick

PIPPA: The idea that my richest and most gorgeous client just proposed to me feels like a crazy joke, or a pitch for some weird reality show. But the thing is, my situation is dire enough that taking Blake up on his offer is a given. I’ll have to keep my wits about me though. Otherwise, the man who’s willing to go through all this to rescue me (because that’s just the kind of guy he is) will be the man I’ll end up falling for harder than I already have.

BLAKE: I’ve been protective of Pippa from the very start of our friendship. So of course I proposed and saved her business in one fell swoop. And now that she’s wearing my ring, protective doesn’t even begin to cover the way I feel. I would’ve stepped up to help her out of the mess either way, and she’ll learn that soon enough. But first things first. Convincing the most stubborn woman alive that I really am in love with her is step one…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Grumpy Fireman Next Door

by Giselle Harper

In the aftermath of a life-altering event, I encounter a captivating fireman next door. Initially guarded and moody, he surprises me with his hidden tenderness. As our connection deepens, barriers crumble, revealing an intense and passionate love. Amidst chaos, we find solace in each other’s arms, our hearts ablaze with a love that defies expectations. Embrace a tale where fiery sparks illuminate a profound romance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance