Draco: An Alien Warrior Romance

by Hattie Jacks

Alone in the prison maze, I’ve only got two options: live or die. Until he shows up…Draco rules the alien prison maze they call the Kirakos, and he says I’m his fated mate… But this alien dragon-shifter warlord is bad news and no matter what happens, I’m not going to let him steal my heart. Enemies to lovers, only one bed and much growling of ‘mine’ – you’ll fall for Draco, he insists you do…

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Protecting Eagle

by Jane Blythe

Olivia Wakefield took the job at the prestigious and world renowned Prey Security under false pretenses. She always knew there was a chance she could be found out. What she didn’t expect was for her sexy boss to put her in prison, or to find herself directly in the crosshairs of a dangerous terrorist. Now she’ll have to rely on said boss to keep her alive, problem is she doesn’t trust him.

Eagle Oswald takes his responsibilities seriously. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to protect his family and his company, including locking up the woman he hasn’t been able to get out of his head since she came to work for him six months ago, even though his gut tells him there’s more going on than meets the eye. When Olivia is threatened he will stop at nothing to protect her. Keeping her safe should be easy, earning her trust and winning her heart won’t be.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Professor Stepdaddy (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

Marilyn finds a new obsession close to home. He just so happens to also be her English professor.

It all starts with a lewd photo. Marilyn is trying to send her boyfriend a classroom snatch-shot, but accidentally sends it to her professor, Austin Caldwell.

Professor Caldwell is hotter than sin and twice Mare’s age. Problem is, Marilyn is his stepdaughter.

When Austin realizes Marilyn’s botched text before she does, he knows the bratty girl needs to be taught a lesson. But it’s not going to happen in the classroom—at least not at first.

No, he will tame, dominate, and ruin her at home, where Austin can have Marilyn all to himself…

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Category: Erotica

Finding the End Zone

by Tam DeRudder Jackson

Never date a player.

Football god Callahan O’Reilly can keep his blazing blue eyes to himself. I have a scholarship to maintain, and I do not have time to babysit a jock through a make-or-break class project. Even if one smoldering glance from him sets my panties on fire.

Time to change her mind.

Jamaica Winslow opens her mouth and spews sass like a volcano. One look at her uptight package and I want to coax the genie from the bottle, unleash all the passion she hides beneath a mop of unruly curls and a smart-ass attitude. She’s not my type, she doesn’t know one damn thing about the game that rules my life, and I can’t stop thinking about her.

Who said anything about love?

Jamaica does her best to keep me at arm’s length, but I’m not a pro prospect because I let the plays come to me. With the game on the line, I always want the ball. When an alum with deep pockets and delusions of grandeur makes demands that threaten my NFL chances and Jamaica’s scholarship, I have no choice but to man up and do the right thing no matter the cost.

It started as fun and games. Now I’m playing for her heart—and my own.

Game Time.

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