Bought By the Billionaire – Box Set One

by Simone Leigh

She Got More Than She Bargained For…

Student Elizabeth works in a dead-end hotel job to make ends meet. But she dreams of a better life.
When she foolishly decides to shower in the penthouse bathroom of one of the hotel guests, it has consequences she did not expect.

A BDSM Billionaire Erotic Romance

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Category: BDSM


The Sugar Queen

by Tess Thompson

At eighteen, Brandi watched Trapper drive out of Emerson Pass, presumably for good. Though they dreamed of attending college and starting their lives together, she was sure she would derail his future as a hockey star. Breaking their hearts was the only way to ensure he pursued his destiny.

After a decade playing hockey, an injury ended Trapper’s career and he returns to Emerson Pass to start again in the place his ancestors built more than a century before. When he discovers Brandi is still in town, the painful secret she’s been harboring threatens to turn his idyllic small town future into a disaster.
Will it take a forest fire threatening their village to force Trapper and Brandi to confront their history? And in the wake of such a significant loss, will the process of rebuilding their town help them find each other, and happiness, again?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Savage Royals

by Ana West

A mafia princess and a mafia prince walk into a bar…

It should be the beginning of a joke. To me, my father setting me up with Dante Scarano is a joke—just not a particularly funny one. But when the night ends with me up against a wall and Dante’s hands on my body, I know I’ve underestimated him—and the power he and his father wield.

I might be forced to marry him, but nothing about this relationship is real. Not our vows, our marriage, or the way my body responds to his. At least—that’s what I tell myself every time Dante sets me on fire.

Dante isn’t my husband, he’s my enemy. A man who I plan to take down, just as soon as I get the chance. Isn’t that what the vows say, anyway? Til death do us part.

Here in this city, the Rosarias rule. But it’s about to get savage.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by R. B. Fields

They kidnapped her to keep her safe. Now they want to make her theirs.

The Renegades are an elusive group—probably urban legends, the bogeymen other bikers blame for their worst crimes. So, I never imagined that I’d meet one, let alone collide with them in a dark alley while trying to escape a long con gone bad. And I certainly didn’t plan on them forcing me onto a motorcycle and spiriting me away into the night.

But plans change.

It’s not just my own criminal past or their robbery-in-progress that pose a problem—I know who they are. And the dead body at their feet means they can’t let me walk away. I’m going home with them whether I want to or not, but are they sure they can handle a con artist? Not only do we have their crimes to contend with, plus debts to a rival motorcycle club, but they’ve just agreed to absorb my exceptionally shady past.

The outlaws don’t realize it yet, but we’ll be hunted to the ends of the earth, if not by their enemies, then by mine. The biggest among them might know more than he’s saying—he seems to want me gone, one way or another. But I’m not one to walk away from a good thing, and it soon becomes clear that I might be safer with them… if I can convince them keeping me around is a good idea.

Alpha bikers don’t play nice—they behave as if they can’t be tamed.

But they’ve never met Isabelle Cain.

Reverse harem romance with a motorcycle club twist, the Claimed by Outlaws series is a high heat reverse harem romance that features one badass con artist, her four biker lovers, and provocative MFMMM scenes. Why choose?

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Category: Erotic Romance