The Shadow Council

by Sadie Anders

One day I’m working at a dive bar in downtown Los Angeles, and the next I have the undivided attention of a ton of supernaturals…

Including the Shadow Council. They’re a sexy as hell team of guys who are committed to protecting this realm, and their attention is squarely focused on me. You see, the realms between the worlds are closed now, and nobody knows why except for one thing. It’s all the fault of the Mordha.

And when it comes out that I’m the last Mordha on earth, well, it turns into open season on me. But a turf war in Los Angeles? Not on the Shadow Council’s watch. Soon, I’m on lockdown in their Hollywood Hills mansion, and what a group of guys to be in lockdown with.

The Shadow Council is tasked with keeping us all safe, but what will happen once they find out the truth?

That I’m the one who closed the realms.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


by Mandy Harbin

A mercenary without a memory. A woman on the run from the mafia.

When the Bang Shift is hired to protect the new lady in town, Brody is shocked to finally remember something from his past…her. He tries to resist the temptation of this beautiful woman, but their magnetic attraction will not be denied, fanning the flame of a dangerous desire.

Dark pasts and shocking truths set the pace for this hot romantic suspense series.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Love to Hate You

by Lexi Calder

When I’m arrested while skinny dipping, I have no choice but to call my brother’s best friend and my childhood tormenter, Benton Murphy. The man who comes to pick me up from jail is not the lanky kid with the mohawk I knew as a teen. Benton’s all grown up and he is smoking hot. He helped me out, but now I owe him a favor. What could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Second Chance at Love

by Mia London

Sometimes mistakes are meant to happen…

Rachel Johnson receives someone else’s invitation for the event of the year in a case of mistaken identity from a sleek business suit that steals her ability to think. The guilt of deceiving him eats at her, but her attempts to return the invitation fail. At the eleventh hour, she attends the Gala and prays she’s not thrown out on her backside when he discovers the truth.

Hunter Baron thanks the heavens for his luck in running into sought-after PR exec Rachel Johnson just days before his most lucrative work event of the year. Her connections at the Gala will catapult his business to the next level. Only, when they arrive, Rachel doesn’t know a soul. The catastrophe worsens when she confesses the truth, and he realizes it’s all his fault.

Does he move on and scrap the night, or forgive and enjoy the laughing, dancing, drinking… and kissing? Her legs are long, her graceful manner sexy. Their chemistry is undeniable, but his last relationship broke him to his core. There is nothing or no one that could possibly persuade him to try again. Not even blue-eyed Rachel.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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