Dinner, Sex, and a Movie: A Love Story

by Sean Develin

High school sweethearts. A second chance. Can he grab hold of forever before the lights go down on their love?

Jake Emmerich will never forget. Despite having the world laid out at his famous feet, the millionaire rock star holds a melody of loss in his heart he can’t soothe with drugs and alcohol. So when he seeks refuge after a vicious attack, the fallen celebrity accepts the lead in a B-movie … and is shocked to discover his ex is his romantic counterpart.

Determined to win back her trust, Jake refuses to give up as he scales the walls built by a decade of pain. But he finds forgiveness is hard to achieve when traumas of the past are slow to fade away.

Can he heal old wounds while reaching for the promise of an elusive happily ever after?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Gift Saga Trilogy Box Set

by Effie Kammenou

A love story and family saga set in both New York and Greece, spanning 8 decades with each book’s perspective focusing on a different generation. From Kefalonia in the 1920s and war-torn Thessaloniki in the 1940s to Nostalgic NYC in the 1950s and leading to more current times, follow this large group of family and friends through heartbreaks and triumphs as they find their place in the world.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Sacred Flow

by Maria Kitsios, LMT

Erotic poetry to arouse the feminine and sensual nature within each woman. Sexual, erotic, and feminine empowerment poetry centered around themes of the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is our reproductive center. Topics include desire and pleasure, connection and romance, emotional awareness, free expression of creativity, dance, and fluid movement.

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Category: Erotica

Snow and the Seven Protectors

by Kai Lesy

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine falling so hard, not just for one,
But for SEVEN wealthy, protective, and untamed men.

Thanks to the world’s most hateful stepmother,
I seized the opportunity to take a well-deserved retreat to an exotic haven.
Little did I know, a stalker was hot on my trail.
Furtunatley, this place is owned by seven powerful, and undeniably attractive men.
Rough, rugged, and wild.
Their bodies captivate me in my dreams.

They all want me – but can I handle all seven?

The Magnificent Seven:
A tale as old as time,
A beauty traveled far, far away, right into our protective arms.

Her skin, pure as snow.
Eyes that outshine the night sky.
Lips as red and enticing as the ripest cherries.

She possesses the strength of a lioness,
And we know it’s her we’ve been waiting for.

Now, neither heaven nor hell could pull us away from Snow…
Or the little miracle growing inside her.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Hook: Book One Of The Karmaeleon Trilogy

by Stella Knights

To ensnare and catch.
To entice and captivate.
To bait and entangle.
In other words, my job.
Not the job I wanted to have, but I learned from a young age that sometimes one has to do some dirty work to achieve their goals.
I’ve become a predator, just like these men. It’s the only way to reach those that exist in an untouchable world.
Nothing can get in my way of dealing karmic justice. Not even love.

The Karmaeleon Trilogy is a psychological, suspenseful romance that will keep you guessing right to the last page. There’s no escaping the truth of this story. People may try to hide, but as the heroine of this story knows, you can’t run from the facts forever. And in typical Stella Knights fashion, there are plenty of button-popping steamy scenes for the bisexual heroine as she takes on those who don’t see her coming.

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Category: LGBT Romance