Working Stiff: Casimir (Secret Billionaires Book 1)

by Blair Babylon

When Rox was hired, she told her smoking-hot boss Cash that she was married, but she’s not. Now, three years later, she’s kind of accidentally living with him, and he’s being a perfect gentleman, dang it. Everybody in the office said that Cash was a heartbreaker, that he’d bump her and dump her, so Rox decided not to become a statistic.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


She’s Mine

by Jessica Lockley

After ten years of marriage, newly divorced Anna soon realizes that she never truly knew the man she fell in love with. Her ex-husband seems to have planned his exit from her life for a long time. He vanishes leaving nothing but questions and his unstable Mother for Anna to deal with.
After a savage break-in, trusting no one, Anna sells her share of a business, fleeing with her daughter Emily, to a small cottage community. There she meets Jake, a tall dark and handsome man who soon makes her forget about her past. Working side by side daily, they create a successful business together. Anna has finally found the peace her and her daughter need to heal and she starts to let her guard down.
When someone from her past comes to town, she soon realizes that was a mistake…

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Art & Grace

by Catherine E. Chapman

Bristol, England, in the early Nineteenth Century. The slave trade has been abolished but slavery itself has not yet been outlawed.

Bess, a young woman of mixed heritage, has an ambiguous position in the home of the once-eminent Liston family. Raised and educated alongside the family’s children, Richard and Artemisia, she has been increasingly confined to the role of a domestic servant since the death of Joshua Liston, the household’s head.

When Richard Liston instigates an introduction between Captain Adam Bryce, a Royal Naval officer of repute, and his sister, Artemisia, Adam shows greater interest in Bess. Pressed by Artemisia to stalk Adam, Bess’s problems begin. And when the ailing matriarch, Elizabeth Liston, presents Bess with an impossible choice, the weaving of a web of deceit commences that will ultimately push Bess and Artemisia’s friendship to the brink.

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Category: Historical Romance


Knocked Up by the New Zealand Doctor

by K.C. Crowne

Eight years older.
Hot cardiologist.
My brother’s best friend.
And now my accidental baby daddy. FML!!!

Aiden was my sworn enemy for years.
Devilishly handsome. Charming.
But overly self-confident and always rude.

We reunited at my brother’s wedding.
Where we walked down the aisle as a pair. Not by choice.

Then disaster struck.
And we got stuck sharing one house.
Ten nights of watching my twin nieces.

My expectation: Hate every minute.
My surprise reality: Swooning over all the affection Aiden showered my nieces.

I let my guard down.
I let him in.
It turns out he wanted me since he laid eyes on me at the wedding.

And now I’m carrying his baby!!
There’s no way this will work.
A cocky playboy could never change – right?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


A Moment Like You

by Claudia Burgoa

I hate my boss. He’s the devil in disguise—but I just can’t seem to stay away.

When my employer Henry Aldridge is set to claim a large inheritance from his deceased father, he drags me along with him—because he needs his assistant. I have no choice but to move across the country with Satan’s bastard and stay with him for over a year in order to pay for my mother’s debts.

Henry drags me to a small town where everyone knows your business and to a family that’s more broken than close. The Aldridge brothers are handsome, arrogant, and sinful.

They’re also too much to handle.

Henry’s dad lost his mind before he died, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I don’t know how I’ll survive for eighteen months with this man.

Except you should never judge a book by its cover. And Henry Aldridge has more hiding beneath the surface than I ever thought possible…

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Knocked Up By The Sheriff

by Elisa Leigh

One night out with my boys turned into meeting the woman of my dreams.
Until I wake up the next morning and she’s nowhere to be found.

It was supposed to be one night of fun before school started.
I should have known better. Nothing is ever that easy.
Now I’m knocked up by the town sheriff and I have no idea what I’m going to do.
To make matters worse, his daughter is in my class.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Cruel Daddy

by Bianca Cole

Cruelty is his middle name, and I’m at his mercy.
My father has kept me locked away in an ivory tower.
I thought he wanted to protect me, but he only wanted to protect his asset.
An untouched, sheltered mob princess is worth a lot of money to the right buyer.
I’m shipped across the Atlantic to Boston to marry a man I’ve never met, whose reputation for cruelty reaches as far as the shores of Sicily.
Milo Mazzeo is as dark as they come.
He’s a ruthless don with no morals, and he’s about to become my husband. Once we say I do, he tells me that I’m his possession.
I must do whatever he says.
I’m nothing more than a slave to tend to his every whim and need.
If he thinks I’m going to accept my fate without a fight, he is mistaken.
They say there is a fine line between love and hate.
Could the fire of hatred really twist into something more?

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Category: BDSM

Savage Daddy

by Bianca Cole

Desperation led me into the hands of a savage.
I should never have considered auctioning my virginity.
The kind of men likely to bid are the type you never want to meet.
Dark, twisted, and dangerous.

Malachy is no exception.
He buys me at the auction.
He takes me home and locks me away.

It turns out selling your virginity has an entirely different meaning to what I thought.
I expect one night, and then I’m free.
That’s not the case when it comes to Malachy McCarthy.

I belong to him until he says so.
Nothing more than a toy to play with until he decides he’s bored.
The man is a savage, and I’m his next meal.

I don’t know if I’ll come out at the end of this in one piece.
More importantly, I’m not sure I can keep my heart untouched.
Will this savage bend and break that as well?

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