High Plains Holiday (Love On The High Plains Book 1)

by Simone Beaudelaire

Garden City, Kansas, 1888.

A small Western town receives an early Christmas present: a new pastor for the church. He is young, handsome, and single.

To church organist Kristina Heitschmidt, Reverend Cody Williams is nothing but trouble, especially as his first move is trying to take control of the music away from her.

But Kristina is not about to give up her life’s work. With Christmas fast approaching, it appears the two are at a stalemate – until a sudden blizzard traps them together in the church overnight.

Forced at last to deal with each other, they realize that the explosive feelings between them are really symptoms of an overwhelming passion that just might lead to the love of a lifetime.

This western romance includes explicit sex scenes.

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Category: Western Romance


Her Detective Dragon

by Alice Summerfield

Lone dragons don’t have soul mates, but Grissom Hale might have found his. Latina barista Ana Alves is human, curvy, and up to her neck in trouble. Can they save each other? And can a human ever feel a dragon’s mating bond? Has 162 reviews/4.3 stars on Amazon US! One-click today!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Her Photographer Phoenix

by Alice Summerfield

Researcher Dr. Ellis Hale is willing to risk everything – including her life – to uncover the secret lives of the firebirds that she loves. Phoenix Benton Hwong has traveled the world in search of memorable moments and his soul mate. Will Ellis’ research get her killed? Or can Benton help his curvy mate escape a grisly death? (4.5 out of 5 stars!)

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Summer of Rain

by Jenna Fiore

A steamy, emotional romance featuring a sexy movie star and the sweet heroine who steals his heart…

Rain had everything he’d ever dreamed about—a successful acting career, fame, fortune, and any woman he wanted. So why the hell wasn’t he happy?

Addy had nothing she’d ever dreamed about with a life that lay in ruins.

On the busy streets of Los Angeles, these two souls collide, literally, and their lives will be forever changed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Secret of the Broken King

by Eliza Raine

The God of the Ocean married me, exiled me, and now he’s the only thing stopping me from saving my sister.
Poseidon is fierce, unforgiving, and terrifyingly powerful.
I’m just a broken sea nymph whose magic never surfaced.
But the only way to save my sister lies in his underwater palace, and I’ve got nothing else to lose.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Wrath of the Gods

by Mallory Rain

Brand new release in Greek mythology romance from bestselling authors!
Perfect for fans of Raven Kennedy and Scarlett St. Clair…
Ares. The God of War. The one god detested by all the others.
I know I’ll have to come up against him eventually. And I can only hope he doesn’t use me to cash in on the revenge he wants from my mother, Aphrodite…
Follow demigoddess, Penelope, as she works her way through the five gates of the Underworld, determined to free her sister’s soul from the clutches of the God of War.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


by N.J. Adel

The Night Skulls MC are here
When you trust an animal in a cage you never know when he’ll bite
He won’t just leave a mark
He’ll brand you with blood and ink
His property forever
But when our secrets are intertwined in the most forbidden way, threatening to destroy us both, will he still be my protector or the one who delivers my soul to the hell I’ve been running away from all my life?

A must read for dark romance and forbidden romance fans, but do NOT read if you have any triggers
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Category: Contemporary Romance

Cobra Elite Box Set Books 1-3

by Pamela Clare

Join the members of Cobra International Security as they find love and danger around the world. The Cobra Elite Box Set features three pulse-pounding military suspense novels by USA Today Bestselling Author Pamela Clare.

Hard Target — When a US senator asks Cobra to protect his daughter, a midwife volunteering in Afghanistan, Derek’s gut tells him to turn the senator down. The last thing he wants to do is babysit an aid worker. But Jenna isn’t just another assignment. She’s also the younger sister of his best friend, the man who died taking bullets meant for him. There’s no way Derek can refuse.

Hard Asset — On the run from a genocidal madman and his army, Connor will have to use all of the skills he learned in Delta Force to keep Shanti safe.

Hard Justice — When Quinn McManus’ best friend from his days in the British Special Air Service is found dead in an alley in Glasgow, he turns to Elizabeth Shields to help him find the man who did it. As they cross the line from friends to lovers, they find themselves in the sights of a stone-cold killer.

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Category: Military Romance