From Bitter to Sweet

by Sheridan Jeane

Lianna’s marriage may have ended in heartbreak, but she’s not giving up on love just yet. When she hires Kincaid to add an extension to her home, she’s immediately drawn to his charisma and charm. As they spend more time together, Lianna realizes that her infertility issues might not be the insurmountable obstacle she once thought they were. And when a surprise pregnancy changes everything, she knows that Kincaid is the partner she’s been searching for all along.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Against A Wall

by Cate C. Wells

My high school bully is now my fake boyfriend.

Cash Wall has been messing with me since junior high.

Nuisance stuff, mostly. Name calling. Pranks.

Honestly, he’s nowhere near the worst of my problems. Back in school, I had bigger fish to fry, and now, I’ve got a “scarlet letter” situation going on. The whole town hates me.

For some reason, Cash offers himself up as my knight in shining armor.

So now, my former tormentor is my fake boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

Glenna Dobbs thinks I’m an idiot, and she’s mostly right.

I hunt. Fish. I go mudding. I’m not a “brain” type. I’m not really a “thinker.”

But I ain’t stupid. When I see that Glenna needs a rescue, I’m in.

’Cause what Glenna doesn’t know? I’ve been in this whole time, and once I’ve got her, I’m not letting go.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

When We Meet Again

by Ava Gray

The man I’ve been in love with for the last six years doesn’t even remember who I am…

I’ve hidden some big secrets from Alexander Stone – my fake ex husband.

Yes, we got married so he could secure his position as the CEO of his dad’s company.

And I desperately needed the money he paid me.

The last six years have changed a lot of things, except for one.

I still remember the way he made my breath quicken when he came close.

His world would flip upside down if he finds out that I’m a mom.

A mom to his child.

It’s a secret that I would do anything to protect.

The guilt of keeping that from him worsens every time he touches me.

But what happens when he realizes that I’m the same woman he once married?

And that I have another secret that would change the course of his life forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Falling for my Mate’s Alpha

by Bodie Summers

Two broken souls destined to meet.

Everyone Joanne has ever cared for was taken from her in a horrible accident. Not only did she have to deal with the loss of her family. Her life takes a turn for the worse when something hidden rises inside her.

Something she can’t control.

More questions arise when Joanne is taken from her damaged life, claimed by the one that calls her mate. Forced to stay with him, to remain by his side. A match she never wanted.

A mate who should protect and cherish her but only wants her submission

Only to fall for the one she should fear. A man with a deranged wolf.

The Alpha.

A man who recognizes her pain as his own and wants nothing more than take her burden and worship her.

Can she resist the mate bond and follow her heart? Or would she have no choice but to remain with the one that claimed her? The one that haunts her nightmares.

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Category: Fantasy Romance