Xzion: A Hexonian Alien Romance

by Charmaine Ross

I’ve been captured by walking crocodiles and saved by a golden-skinned god.

Xzion says he took me to protect me but he’s not taking me back home. In fact, we’ve crashed on an alien planet and now we’re trapped in a cave from which there’s no escape. He’s all I’ve got. I should be afraid of him, but I can’t take my eyes off his washboard abs and irresistible lips. The longer we’re trapped down here, the harder it will be for me to resist him. I’m barely hanging in there.

Xzion will claim my body but if he claims my heart, I’ll never be able to return to Earth. But when we find a way out and discover a treacherous plot intended for mankind, I know my life will never be the same. I’ll be trapped between two worlds and the fate of mankind rests in my hands.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


by J. Shanee Byers

Jade Bordeaux is a rising realtor in the city of Chicago, taking on the male-dominated industry like a boss. The love of her life is abruptly snatched from her. Now she only focuses on work – work is safe. Corbin, a top investor from California, is looking to put down roots in Chicago and needs Jade’s help. When they finally meet, there is no denying he projects an energy and power that unquestionably attracts her. But Jade is cautious with her heart even though Corbin is a dream come true. See if Corbin can show Jade that love can find her the second time around.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Bluestocking Brides Boxed Set

by Samantha Holt

The Complete Collection of The Bluestocking Brides.

“No eligible bachelor wants to marry a bluestocking…especially not those frightful Chadwick girls.” – Lady Jersey, Almacks Patroness.


Amelia and the Viscount

Julia and the Duke

Emma and the Earl

Catherine and the Marquis

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Category: Historical Romance

Pregnant with the Bad Boy

by Lydia Hall

I’ve been known to keep my life simple.
When I say simple, I mean devoid of a girlfriend.
Don’t get me wrong… Women are wonderful.
To me, they are like vacations – temporary fun.

But what do I do when Amber unexpectedly rents a space in my heart?
One night was all it was supposed to be.
Her skin felt like silk.
Don’t even get me started on her soft strands.
She was like a dream in my arms.
A dream that turned into a nightmare after I knew I wanted her again… and again.

I don’t do this sort of a thing. I’m known to replace love with drugs.
But that reality changed quickly when Amber gave me the news I never thought I’d get.
Three life changing words – I am pregnant.
Well, those words were followed by something like – I don’t want you in my life if you keep up with your shenanigans.

My world has been shaken to the core.
I could lose everything – My heart, my child, my family.
But will Amber ever believe that I’m a changed man even if I turn my life upside down?

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Category: Contemporary Romance