3 Sexy Bosses & Cupcakes – A Reverse Harem Romance

by Kathilee Riley

Beatrice’s world crumbled under her feet when she lost her job. With her bills piling up, she had to give up her apartment.
She clung to a glimmer of hope when she landed a live-in cooking job for 3 wealthy and handsome bosses.
Oliver’s irresistible charm and playful flirting drew her in, Lucas’s chiseled bod and mysterious demeanor intrigued her while Spencer was all business, grumpy and never cracking a smile.
The men soon fell for her cupcakes but their appetites weren’t just for her cooking. They were salivating over her luscious curves, succulent hips, and thick thighs even though she was totally off-limits and they shared a dark past that kept them from ever sharing a woman.
Beatrice found herself drooling over them too, however, her past experience with an inappropriate boss has left her distrustful.
How wrong & hot can things get living under the same roof?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Knotty Deal

by Leann Ryans

When my brother’s life depends on me paying his debts, I find a way to make it happen.
Even if it means selling the only thing of value I have left.

Alphas are willing to pay a lot to have a night with an omega, especially one that’s untouched. They aren’t concerned with how willing I am, because one way or another, they’ll make me submit.

I’m going to do this, for my brother’s sake.
I’m going to sell myself to the highest bidder.
I am not going to admit to the secret thrill running through my veins, and I’m definitely not going to read more into Leo’s actions than an alpha’s typical lust and possessiveness.

I’m going to make it through the night, pay off my brother’s debt, and then I am going to forget this ever happened.

If Leo lets me.

Will I survive such A Knotty Deal?

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Category: Paranormal Romance