The High-Heeled Gardener

by Debbie Bourne

When ex-fashion designer, Deborah, answers a knock on her door, little does she know that she’s about to embark upon the romance (growmance!) of her life. Sexy local politician, Toby, persuades her to turn a patch of land outside her flat into a community garden with uproarious consequences.
Jump aboard her rollercoaster year of steamy sustainability, organic food growing, and earthy fun.
The High-Heeled Gardener is a hilarious horticultural handbook.
A year of digging dangerously!

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The Daddy Issues Boxset

by Everleigh Green

The difference between a Millionaire and a Billionaire?
A Millionaire will love you for a night.
A Billionaire will love you for a lifetime.

Come meet the latest members of the Billion Dollar Club, where money isn’t an issue.

Michael Rockland, a devastatingly handsome damaged Billionaire with a lust for life.
Max Renshaw, with the chiseled jawline and protective nature. You know the type.
Logan McDonagh, he’s grumpy but you can tell his body is shredded under his suit.
Alex Davison, the strong arrogant with the dreamy eyes and a secretive smile.

The Daddy Issues Boxset includes:
Surprise Baby For The Billionaire Daddy
My Enemy Billionaire Boss
Faking It With My Billionaire Alpha
Surprise Baby For The Billionaire Daddy

All four books are stand alones and part of the Billion Dollar Club Series.


If you are a fan of:
Fake relationships
Ex-boyfriend’s older brother
Forced proximity
Enemies to lovers
Age gap
Surprise pregnancy
Alpha male
Sassy female

Then this is the boxset for you.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Boss Daddies

by Lisa Cullen

It was meant to be a swimwear modeling job…. But now my three bosses have me on my knees asking for more.

One of them is my baby’s daddy… and he has no idea.

What was I thinking, accepting a modeling job in a freaking bikini? I used to be a model, but my life is so different now… I’m a single mom trying to make ends meet when they hire me.

There’s Harper, the tall, tattooed, serious and gorgeous billionaire who wants to change the world.

Player Desi is the confident, handsome stylist on set, teasing me relentlessly and making me want more…

And there’s also quiet Silver, the irresistible shy photographer for the shoot.

I may be wrong… but I think they all want me.

I know not to mix business with pleasure. My main worry is making enough to pay for my daughter, but my money worries are soon erased as the three fashionable billionaires shower me and my little girl with expensive gifts.

Temptations arise at every opportunity and I succumb to my irresistible bosses… but soon, the fire between us sparks hotter, and I end up with a baby in my belly…

And no idea whose it is.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Such a Snowy Christmas

by Jacob Parker

Some might say I’d give the Grinch a run for his money. And they’d be right. But this hot little number thinks she can soften me. Not a chance. I won’t bend for anything or anyone. My past made me this way, and I’m good with it. So imagine my surprise when she gets under my skin. The snow isn’t the only thing melting.

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Category: Contemporary Romance