Stolen Princess

by Gina Manis

The Fire Element, Lee, has stolen Celine from the other elements. Celine’s destiny was tied to his first, and unlike the others, he risked it all and lost.
Now is his chance to redeem—his powers, Celine, and himself.
Lee kidnapped Celine to show her they belonged together. It was written in the stars by the old mages that Fire and Water would rule together and restore balance to the realms.

Winning Celine’s love and affection will be his challenge. Staying alive will depend on them both. They will have to learn to work together but a lingering threat lies between them.

Destiny has two sides. In one, there is love, forgiveness, and sacrifice. On the other, it’s darker, painful in its hate where blood will flow.

Will Celine give up the others for a destiny full of love, or will she keep them and potentially become Lee’s enemy?

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Category: Fantasy Romance

As Close to Perfect

by Maria Jane

She’s definitely attracted to his type and he seems as close to perfect as a guy could get. Only problem, she’d sworn off dating hot, muscled, athletic types for good.

Wronged by a string of jocks, Bree creates a hard rule: no dating athletes. Further, she enacts a list of other guidelines to protect a fragile heart. As per the rules, coffee meetups don’t count as dates, lunch doesn’t count as a date, there will be no physical displays of affection until after a real date, and no sex until he commits to an exclusive relationship.

Enter Nate. Tall and muscular with deep blue eyes and dark hair, he’s the perfect clone for the guys that hurt her before. If it walks like a duck, it’s a duck, right?

Enter Steven. She could not have ordered a more perfect person. Okay, so he is muscular, but not too tall. Be he’s also focused on his career. Definitely the mature man she’s been looking for.

When Bree allows herself to give in to her feelings, sparks fly. They’re happier than could be imagined. But being a couple is about more than just the two of them. Family, religion, location, and money all factor in.

Can they meet in the middle?

Read As Close to Perfect to get swept away in this perfectly imperfect melding of lives!

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Category: Interracial Romance

Hold On to the Love- Forbidden Love

by Stephen Moody

What do you do when you meet your soul mate while you’re married to someone else? Synchronicity is always at work.

Stefano is an artist who meets Roselyn, a fashion account executive, in a business meeting and when they shake hands, they feel a spark.

Innocent texts lead to sensual dreams. They can’t stop thinking about each other. One too many coincidences bring them together for a kiss that sends electricity through their veins and into the bedroom for a sensual night of amazing passion.

They feel a deep connection. They know they have been together many times through many lifetimes. They have a soul relation.

Roselyn’s husband hasn’t touched her in five years, but when he learns of the affair, he threatens Stefano’s life. He is a powerful business executive with deep ties to the people who can make Stefano disappear.

Love is eternal. We carry those feelings with us from life to life.

If we are lucky, we are able to find our true soul connection with whom we share that love.

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Category: Erotic Romance