Coming Home: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will love this small-town, feel-good romance! Mia is a successful artist, not an event planner. But, with the hopes of more than one child resting on her shoulders, she agrees to help stage a charity gala. When she realizes how important the event is, she knows she’s not the best person for the job—and so will the director of the hospital if he discovers who she is.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


The Questionable Acts of an American Gentleman

by Ramona Elmes

The wooing of the lady was just for his ruthless plan, nothing more or so he thought…

Lady Mercy never imagined an early morning chance encounter in Hyde Park with Jack Kincaide would tempt her to betray her betrothed. The mysterious American ignites a passion in Mercy that leads her to question the practical arrangement she made with her dear childhood friend, the Duke of Peyton. Would she really give it all up for Jack? What she doesn’t know is Jack has a shocking secret and their chance encounter is really the first step in his ruthless plan of revenge against the duke.

Jack is so close to getting his revenge. Still, he can’t deny his immediate connection with Mercy or his unexpected feelings for her that grow deeper as they continue to spend time together. The more time they spend together, the more Jack questions his ruthless choices and how Mercy will see them when his secret is revealed. Is he capable of being a better man? Can he walk away from his desire for revenge? As he questions his choices, his explosive secret is revealed, devastating Mercy and shocking all of London.

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Category: Historical Romance


Forbidden Lovers

by Cate Lane

Some rules are meant to be broken.
Bec: For two years Blake Carlson has been my boss, my friend, and my forbidden obsession.
But now, I’m not waiting any longer for him to notice me. It’s time I made myself impossible to miss.
The plan seems to be working until he calls a halt to us, because of a company rule about office romances.
A rule that he can ignore as the owner of the company.
Rules are meant to be broken and I’m up for the challenge.
Blake: I’m not a rule breaker, I’m a rule follower.
I have been ever since my days in the Army, where breaking rules can get you or your buddies killed.
Until her.
Bec Kelly is my executive assistant, the one woman that makes me want to forget all the rules.
But I can’t.
Now if only my mouth and hands would get the message.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Her Four Cowboys

by Natasha L Black

My tomboy best friend is all grown up.
One mistletoe kiss is all it takes.
Electric and steamy.

I want to break all the rules.
So do my three brothers.
The Kent brothers learned a long time ago:
Don’t fight with your brother. Just share.

We wouldn’t mind sharing,
To get Lucy all to ourselves.
She can still be a good girl,
Even if she’s a little bit bad with us.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Echo Canyon Brides Box Set

by Linda Bridey

A rugged sheriff, an opinionated veterinarian, and a dusky native American. Can passion blaze a trail to the untamed West?

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Category: Historical Romance


Two for Interference

by Lasairiona McMaster

Bookish. Bold. Beautiful. And entirely out of his league.

On paper, all-American boy next door, Lincoln Scott, has it all. But behind his slap shots, straight-A report card, and easy going charm, Linc hides a secret only his best friend knows.

When he attempts to return a misplaced bra, a wrong number gets him way more than the hook-up he bargained for. No one has ever looked beyond the star hockey player, until the mysterious woman he can’t stop texting sees him for who he really is.

Does Linc have the skills off the ice to keep up with her? Will he follow in his father’s footsteps? Or will he step out from the shadows and chase his dreams?

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Category: Sports Romance