A Deal with the Bossy Devil

by Kyra Parsi

Vengeance (noun): Punishment served by an arrogant, insufferable billionaire who’s hellbent on making you suffer over a teeny, tiny, seven-hundred-million-dollar oopsie.

I regret nothing.

Okay, maybe I regret some things.
In my defense, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get caught.
Also in my defense, I had no way of knowing that “The Incident” would go viral.

But Toronto’s most notorious billionaire isn’t exactly known for his generous spirit, and he doesn’t want to hear my excuses.

What he does want is cold, hard revenge.
And that’s how I find myself backed into a corner, forced to strike a deal with the green-eyed devil.
I have no choice but to be at his beck and call 24 hours a day, succumbing to his every bossy whim.
But as his demands—and the blistering tension—become increasingly unbearable, I can’t help but bite back.

And as the old saying goes, bad girls deserve to be punished.

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Category: Contemporary Romance