Return of the Runaway Bride

by Nancy Fraser

Five years earlier, Emily Bennett ran out on Chase Michaels on the eve of their wedding. At twenty-two, she wanted more than the island of Last Chance Beach could offer. Intent on making a name for herself as a world-class journalist, she left to take a job with a big city newspaper.

Heartbroken, Chase left Last Chance Beach and joined the Coast Guard in an effort to rebuild his life. Returning four years later for a family emergency, he decided to stay and go into business with his best friend.

Will Emily’s return give them a second chance at the love they once shared? Or, will her ‘other’ reason for leaving put a wedge between three best friends that can’t be healed by time or intention?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Cowboy’s Temptation

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Saddle up or settle down?
After living a vagabond life with her hippie parents and rambunctious siblings, Morgan O’Connelli’s put down roots at last. When a promotion for her new business goes off the rails, she’s rescued by the hottest cowboy in town. Too bad he comes with complications.
Gabe Chance is blown away by the feisty redhead. Morgan’s perfect for him if only she wanted kids as much as he does. But she’s not interested in adding to the Chance family legacy. She raised her younger siblings. She has no desire to raise kids of her own.
But how can he walk away when she’s already lassoed his heart?

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Category: Western Romance

Shh… I’ll Be Your Savior

by Annie J. Rose

Strong. Silent. Sexy as hell.
Big and hard, I could climb him like a tree.
Stop fantasizing about a client! He is off-limits!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

No Way Out

by Tower Lowe

If anything happens to me… That phrase from Gloria’s email haunts Molly as she bounces around half-conscious in a dark space. Later, she opens her eyes in a small house with all the windows bricked shut and the door boarded from the outside. Her kidnapper has taken her keys, her cell phone, and her purse. Molly scrambles through the house, looking for any sign of life, any hope of escape, but the house is abandoned and she sees no way out. The kidnapping of former fraud investigator Molly Donovan follows Gloria’s murder, an event witnessed by Molly and PI Miguel Alvarez. Gloria’s mysterious email throws the two investigators together in a frantic search for the perp. A stranger traps Molly inside the abandoned house while an old friend sucks Miguel into his troubled past. Molly trusts Miguel until a series of notes incriminates him and leaves Molly on her own to investigate a sex cult, mi

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Nanny for the Army Rangers – A Military Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

When I saved the little boy from falling off the bleachers at the aquarium, I never imagined it would change my life. But his three Army Ranger dads had other plans for me, and sometimes the best things in life come when you least expect.

I never planned on being a nanny to the most adorable twins on the planet, just like I’d never dreamt of living with three ripped, beautiful soldiers-turned-mercenaries, constantly working out in their Southold mansion to keep their hard bodies in Army Ranger shape.

Yet here I am, alone on Long Island and out of money for med school. So when a chance rescue affords me the opportunity to get back on my feet, I’m more than willing to take on the responsibility… and all the delicious fringe benefits that come with it.

But the men are lonely too, and our attraction is overwhelming. Week by week I’m tempted by three shredded, ridiculously-trained bodies, until lines are crossed and inhibitions are dropped and I find myself in bed with all three of them. Regrets? Absolutely none. Only that I hadn’t found this part of my life sooner.

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Category: Military Romance

The Ice Prince

by Edwina Darke

In this modern Manhattan fairytale, Prince Charming is the one conning Cinderella…

Cynthia Swan knows that her life isn’t a fairytale. Living in Manhattan while working long hours as an intern veterinarian by day and waiting tables at night to make ends meet has knocked the fairy dust out of her eyes. But on her way home from working an Upper East Side cocktail party Cyn meets Cameron. Prince Charming might not exist, but allowing herself one night with a charming personal trainer couldn’t hurt anything.

Cameron Prince, CEO of Prince Enterprises, has always been skeptical about happily ever after. His father is on his eleventh divorce and if there’s one thing that has taught Cameron it’s that being a billionaire brings a world of opportunities but it makes love doubly hard to find. But one night he comes to the aid of a beautiful woman who mistakes him for a down-on-his-luck personal trainer. It seems harmless to let the fantasy play out, it’s only for one night and after all there’s no such thing as forever.

But neither Cyn nor Cameron are satisfied with just one night. For the first time he gets to be himself with a woman without all his family baggage and she’s finally found a man she can trust with her wounded heart. But as Cyn opens up and Cameron starts to think about forever, what began as an innocent case of mistaken identity becomes a guilty weight around his neck. Will Cameron be able to convince Cyn he’s still worthy of her love and trust once she learns of his lies?

Author’s Note: Recipe for THE ICE PRINCE – Take a secret billionaire hero. Add an everyday girl heroine. A pinch of mistaken identity. A dash of one night stand. Season with a couple of quirky cats, a bunch of nosy family members, and a singing strip-o-gram with a memorable confetti climax. Finished with a heavy sprinkle of snarky, snarky banter. Steam Level: Sizzling. Shenanigan Level: Extreme. Feels: Big time.

THE ICE PRINCE is part of Edwina Darke’s family saga The Princes of Manhattan series. While it can easily be read as a stand-alone story, you’ll likely enjoy reading the other books too.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Julia Kent

After getting caught in an embarrassing scandal, Hastings heads home to New England to recover. Billionaire Ian wants to help her get back on her feet — but can Hastings trust the man who was once her fiercest rival? Hastings “Hasty” Monahan gets her turn at a happily ever after that starts off with an arrest. Hers. And ends with a surprisingly cheesy happily ever after.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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