The Devil’s Plaything: A Dark College Bully Romance

by Calla Claire

I thought my new university’s slogan was an inside joke. Or a charming reference to a time gone by.
I thought wrong.
Now that I live in the towering castle of Ardmore Academy, it’s clear that nothing is quite as it seems. The climbing ivy, thick cobblestone, and Victorian greenhouse are a poor orphan’s dream… but in the blink of an eye, it’s turned into a nightmare.
Because I thought I’d met every bully imaginable. But I couldn’t have predicted a bully like him.
Dorian is tall. Dark. Handsome. Brooding. He and his cruel cronies are the true people in charge of this place… and absolutely everyone is under their command. Including me.
Dorian isn’t just a random bully, either: He’s mine. He stalks me from the shadows. He makes me obey. And I’m loathe to admit it, but he does things to my body I can’t control, either…
As I get closer and closer to unraveling the secret of why I’m here in the first place, only one thing is clear: Ardmore’s slogan is accurate. Screaming will get me nowhere.

My latest charge is cute. Too cute.
She’s sassy and Southern, a red-haired ray of sunshine in a place like this. But I have a job to do, and a particular set of skill to do it with. I have to get her through the trials of her scholarship and send her on her way, into the billionaire society she’s meant to join.
I should’ve known this wouldn’t be so easy.
See, Lucy has a problem following orders— a big problem. And if she doesn’t get in line soon, I might just have to take her over my knee…
The Devil’s Plaything is Book 1 in the Rogues to Riches series by Calla Claire. It’s a steamy, new adult, college bully romance novel that features alpha males, bullies, bodyguards, feisty heroines, and an enemies-to-lovers dynamic. Each book can be read as a standalone.

HEA guaranteed… if you don’t scream in the darkness.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Kingdom of Wolves

by Amelia Shaw

Thirty years ago, the men of my pack were cursed, doomed to never find our fated mate. With no females born into our ranks, there was no one left to breed with. We’d be the last of our kind unless we could figure a way to break the evil inflicted upon us.

But the only one capable of that is the witch who laid the curse. My beta and I set off in search of the one who ruined our lives. Except, no one’s ever heard of her, and every other witch we encounter hates our kind.

Until we hunt down a coven in the north. One with a red-haired beauty who makes our hearts pound and our wolves cry to the moon in ecstasy. How could she be ours? I never imagined sharing a woman. Not with my beta and definitely not with the warlock who claims she’s his birth rite.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Savage Heir

by Lisa Lovell

It started as a date with my worst enemy.
It ended with a surprise baby in my belly.
That’s about as bad as it gets, right?
Fast forward six years and I’m a struggling single mom.
I thought I’d never see Ilya Borisov again.
Until he reappears and rocks my world to its core.
But there’s one little problem.
He doesn’t recognize me.
Or his five-year-old son.
Only I know who he is.
He is the Devil incarnated.
A cruel Bratva assassin, feared by everyone.
Our chemistry is off the charts.
But if he finds out the truth about me…
He’s either going to love me,
Or burn my world to ashes.

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Category: Erotic Romance

My Romantic Comedy: Once Upon a Time – Interlude – Happy Ending

by Mary Kelly Reed


When Erin decides to find her perfect match by trying her favorite romantic comedies in real life, Matt enjoys challenging her method and sparks fly.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Caught in the Middle

by Lydia Hall

If I’d known how things would unfold, I never would have hired her.
Jessica went from being my personal assistant to my obsession pretty quickly.

All it took was a single glance at the office…
And when I saw how good she was with my son, it was game over.
I knew there was something there.
Something beyond just how I felt with her inside the bedroom.

But Jessica isn’t prepared to be a part of my life.
She would never be able to handle my toxic ex.
A custody battle was already ruining my life.
And a new relationship would only add to the existing trouble.
I know that and yet, here I am… still pursuing her.
Even more now that I can sense her pulling away.

Jessica is hiding a secret.
A secret that would make us family forever…
It took me a long time to realize that Jessica is the love of my life.
But is she ready to face that truth?

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Category: Contemporary Romance