Blackhawk Security Vol 1-2 (With One Breath, Once Removed)

by Margaret Watson

These thrill-packed novels of two electrifying tales of strong women on the run, one from The Taliban, one from a mysterious enemy— or maybe more than one enemy are the first two books in the Blackhawk Security series.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Dark Savior

by Christa Wick

Undercover DEA agent Dean Ramirez has one shot at saving the innocent woman who just walked in on a drug deal gone bad. Their twisted path to freedom will take one hell of a show. Because getting the deadly criminals to believe he’s as dark and erotically ruthless as they think he is…means making sweet, distractingly curvy Garnet believe it as well.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Fifteen Minutes of Shame

by Lisa Daily

Don’t miss this satisfying, swoony, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy perfect for readers who love Christina Lauren, Emily Henry, and Helena Hunting!
Why am I hiding behind a dumpster at the Gas-N-Go in my pajamas, spying on Will?

A month ago I was America’s favorite TV relationships expert.

Now? I’m the loser facing a major scandal, whose catastrophic love life is splashed across TMZ, social media, and every gossip show and supermarket tabloid — all because I got dumped by my husband on national TV. For a reality TV star. And that’s not even the worst part.

Now, I’m scrambling to un-shamble my life, make a comeback, and salvage what’s left of my heart and my career — which is constantly complicated by the fact that I keep publicly screwing up (on camera, no less), my publicist is advising me to do some (let’s say questionable) stuff to get my career back on track, and most of all, because I can’t tell if my insanely sexy divorce attorney Holt is flirting with me, or just giving me legal advice.

It definitely feels like flirting.

Like, the best flirting of my entire life — the kind that makes all your parts tingle, not just your toes.

Is that a bad thing? Yeah, it is — because if I fall for him, we’ll both be torpedoing our careers, not to mention everything else that really matters to me.

It’s just so hard to stop…

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Category: Romantic Comedy

All American Bad Boy

by Weston Parker

I was born a pilot. And I’m the best in the world. Safety and security aren’t my concern. Living big is. Right before our show, we’re forced to meet a new inspector. A curvy babe who makes my blood rush to all the right places. One hot night changes everything, and she’s got a secret. My baby. I’m used to being in control in the sky, but she holds all the power on the ground.

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Category: Contemporary Romance