Safe Haven: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Hayley Elliott’s sister has found a cure for Alzheimer’s and their mom is living proof that the supplement works. To keep everyone safe, Hayley has to return to Montana. But she can only do that with help from Tank—a man who’s living with a secret more heartbreaking than her own.

Tank has spent his life protecting people. He works for one of the most successful security companies in the world, makes more money than most people see in a lifetime, and has a past that no one can ever know about.

With more at stake than their own lives, Tank and Hayley have to decide what is more important—protecting the past or risking everything for love.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Committed Cowboy

by Kaci Rose

He’s her best friend. She’s the girl that got away. Now he’s coming for her.

We made a just incase pact at 16 to get married and start a family by 30.

It was a backup plan but for me, it’s the only plan.

There is no way Kaylee is marrying anyone but me.

The problem is neither of us is ready for that step yet.

So for now, I keep breaking up her dates.

But… last night I think I went too far.

I can’t lose my best friend but now she is pushing for something I don’t know how to give her… not yet.

But I think I will lose her either way.

Now I’m in the fight of my life, in more ways than one…

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Category: Western Romance


Ruby’s Passion

by Brooke Stanton

Moments after I do, a secret rips Ruby’s new marriage apart. James fears his bride is lost forever. Has hope vanished, or will broken hearts mend? A coming-of-age, forced proximity steamy historical romance.

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Category: Historical Romance


Forever After

by Ashley R. King

On the Vampire Reality Show, Forever After, unexpected love isn’t the only plot twist. Spotting an ad for a new dating show, Forever After, Autumn Reid jumps on the chance. It’s a dating show with a twist – a vampire bachelor. But contestants are being murdered one by one, and a vampire appears to be to blame. Yet, the show must go on.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Brutal Captor

by Logan Fox

Betrayal is an everyday occurrence for a cartel princess…but this feels personal. A dark slow burn reverse harem series.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance