Savage Devil

by Josie Max

As the new girl from the south side of town going to a prestigious academy for my senior year, I never expected welcoming open arms. But the bloody nose on my first day was a surprise. And the threat. And the… well, let me just say behind the Botoxed smiles and shiny sports cars were the worst sort of people.
And there was one that brought them to their knees. One who ruled Green Hills Academy like the monarchs he descended from. Knight King hated me. Hated what I represented. Hated that I wasn’t wealthy and that I dared to enter his world. He was used to getting his way. Everyone did what he told them. He tried to rule me, but I was a fighter.
My name’s Violet and I was anything but a shrinking flower.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Healer’s Blade (Enemy’s Keeper Book 1)

by Kyrie Wang

In a country torn by war, can a young peasant woman change the fate of England?

1075 A.D., nine years after the Norman Conquest.
Eighteen-year-old healer Aliwyn lives in solitude after a series of medical failures leave her alienated from her village. With the rebellion against William the Conqueror rumbling on the horizon, she finds solace in the tranquility of her home.

But when her beloved arrives with the orphaned daughter of a Norman knight, Aliwyn is plunged into the bloody conflict she’s done her best to avoid. One daring escape from enemy arrows entangles her with the revolt’s charismatic young leader, Tobias, and Aliwyn finds herself swept into a dangerous world of rival factions and secret alliances. Faced with mercenaries and renegade knights, she must make difficult choices about treating those she despises.

After she uncovers the fiery secret underpinning the rebellion, Aliwyn is determined to take fate into her own hands and save England from sweeping destruction. Can she find the courage to fight for what she believes? And can she resist the magnetic charms of the man she has vowed to defeat?

Step into a riveting and magic-free YA fantasy adventure with an authentic historical setting and a dash of irresistible slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance. Set in a turbulent medieval England rocked by the early introduction of gunpowder and populated by Celtic-inspired forest tribes, Healer’s Blade is a page-turning read that’s perfect for fans of alternative history.

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Category: Historical Romance

Trust No One (Blackhawk Security Book 8)

by Margaret Watson

Mel and Dev are no longer a couple, but they run Blackhawk Security together. When being around Dev becomes too painful, she buys him out. Dev knows she’s going after her old CIA boss Kingsley, so Dev makes her a deal – if she accepts his help on this last job, he’ll walk away.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Having the Cowboy’s Baby

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

The laugh’s on him…

Fun-loving cowboy Beau McLintock is floored when ex-girlfriend Jess Hartmann announces she’s pregnant. He’s the life of the party, not a father figure. He has a joke to fit every occasion. But there’s nothing funny about this.

Although Jess feels honor-bound to inform Beau, he’s the last person she’d choose to be her baby-daddy. He’s not cut out to be a family man. He made that clear two months ago and she broke up with him. Yet now he’s singing a different tune. And turning up the heat.

With her baby’s future at stake, can she trust his change of heart?

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Category: Western Romance

Softest Touch

by Adina D. Grey

Derek, the billionaire owner of Wilson Creations, has it all – fame, fortune, and success. But when he meets his new assistant, Melinda, he finds himself drawn to her fiery spirit and sharp wit. Despite a rocky start, the two become a formidable team, and Derek begins to see Melinda in a different light.

Together, they face the challenges that arise and find strength in each other until the end. Will their forbidden feelings be enough to overcome the obstacles in their way, or will they be torn apart by the forces that seek to keep them apart?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Urban Marriage 2: Sex Therapy with a Surrogate Partner

by Tulipe Pascere

KINDLE: Contemporary Women’s / Contemporary Christian Fiction
SERIES Book 2: A woman continues her menopause journey in sex therapy with a surrogate partner / Mature Audience: explicit therapy talk, demos with sex toys/dolls, no bedroom scenes / 134 pp
> The kids grew up, the house is empty, and Leah is sure menopause will convince her overweight husband that the bedroom is close for good. But … now she thinks about it all the time! Will therapy help?!

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Category: Contemporary Romance