Bounty Hunter

by Maggie Shaw

A pixie sized bounty hunter. A sexy fae prince. A world of secrets.

As a bounty hunter, I’ve dealt with my fair share of bad guys, but nothing prepared me for my latest challenge: Fin Taylor. Give me vampires ravaging the city or shifters attacking women in the street any day. Because as soon as the sexy Fae billionaire kidnapped me with his powers of persuasion, all bets were off.

But we have a mutual enemy, the Black Mage. The man I’ve been hunting for fifteen years for the death of my parents. I’ll leave pleasure… I mean revenge, on Fin for a later date. With him on my side, payback just got easier. Only, the Black Mage has done something horrible to Fin as well.

I’m not sure exactly what, but if I don’t figure it out soon, this mission could turn into a disaster.

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and J. R. Ward will devour this Slow Burn Romantic Urban Fantasy series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Knocked Up by the Mafia

by Ava Gray

He’s the handsome, dominant stranger I picked to take my V-card… And then everything went to hell.

Here’s the thing about being a mafia princess: I don’t make my own decisions. My powerful father has picked a man for me to marry, but I can’t give myself to someone fully without experiencing something first…

That something happens to become Lee, a gorgeous, darkly twisted man I meet in a bar, and give my cherry too.

When I disappear the next day, I don’t think of the consequences. But soon enough, my belly starts showing, and I quickly realize one reckless night left me pregnant with the enemy.

Because my mysterious, hot hookup’s name isn’t Lee at all…

His name is Liam O’Shea, and he’s a mafia billionaire my father wants dead.

Knocked Up by the Mafia is the first full-length novel in The Billionaire Mafia dark romance series. One-click for your dose of naughty, forbidden mafia men!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Viscount for the Spinster

by Samantha Holt

Miss Maisie Beaufort has no intention of running away ever again. She’s more than ready to return home after a decade in the midst of society and take charge of her life as a spinster businesswoman. Nothing will distract her. Especially not her first love, the rebel viscount who destroyed her young heart…

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Category: Historical Romance

Seducing the Billionaire

by Cate Lane

Logan Carlson is a total pain in my …
He’s a grumpy, moody billionaire, who constantly disapproves of everything I do.
And for the next four weeks, he’s my roommate.
Whether he likes it or not, I’m here to stay until my new apartment is ready to move into.
But when he drops the grump and lets me see the real him, everything changes.
Fourteen years ago, I kissed Logan—my high school crush—on the night of his sixteenth birthday.
And now, I want to kiss him again.

What was I thinking?
Under duress, I agreed to let my sister’s best friend stay in my spare room.
Only four weeks, she’d said. And that was twenty-eight days too long.
She’s wreaking havoc on my carefully ordered life. I like order. And there isn’t one aspect of Allie’s life that’s ordered.
But when she needs my help to deal with some unwanted attention, her bad habits turn seductive. And it’s hard not to want to keep her close … and safe.

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Category: Contemporary Romance