by Rachael Herron

This is a five alarm fire for Grace. Tox is the only firefighter that can put out her flame. A hilarious and heartwarming love story.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Kiss to Build A Dream On

by Katie Baldwin

Bethany Michaels leads a fairly isolated existence.
She longs to be an outgoing and sexually confident woman. Her dreams might be answered when her celebrity crush comes to town and literally falls at her feet. To her shock, her favorite movie star is attracted to her, but can she protect her heart while still experiencing true passion?

Hollywood celebrity Aidan Shannon is drunk and lost in small-town Virginia.
When he wakes up one morning with a huge hangover in the home of a beautiful woman, he is more than a little attracted. Bethany is voluptuous and nurturing, fragile yet steely. And that is a problem for a man who never wants to be tied to another woman again.

But when fate steps in and shows him what’s important, will Aidan take a chance on love a second time around?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Monsters After Dark

by V.T. Bonds and Other Authors

Heat. Claws. Teeth.
They rake over your body and draw you in.
There is no one here but you and them; only their breath on your neck and your pulse throbbing in your veins.
They creep from the shadows, from the darkest of dreams. They are here to take. Conquer. Claim.
You know what they are, and terror seizes your breath.
But you open yourself to the monsters.
And you let them in.

Ten exceedingly sexy short romances that will give you goosebumps in all the right places.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Alien’s Captive

by Tina Moss

All I’ve wanted since my abduction from Earth’s first long-range space flight is freedom from my alien captives. But when I’m sold off to a Rhonar warrior, I learn I’m not the only one enslaved on this hellish planet, and survival comes at a cost.

The commanding alien they call Xelan may be in charge, but his fair dealings—and devilishly sexy charms—give me hope for the future.

If I can strike an agreement with the battle-scarred warrior, perhaps together we can change the destiny of those bound in chains.

And if I can’t—well, I haven’t backed down from a fight yet.

However, as enemies line up to destroy the alien warriors and subjugate the galaxy, I discover that the universe has a sense of humor.

Fated mates are real. And Xelan declares me his.

How can I attain my freedom if I’m tied to another being? Even if his possessive growls and single-minded attention ignite my desires in ways I’ve only dreamed, I cannot be his.

But how long can I fight the pull of a mating bond before I lose my head—and my heart—to the heat burning between us?

Only the stars know.

Alien’s Captive is a sci-fi romance launching two new series in the world of the Rhonar warriors. First up, EARTH BRIDES & ALIEN WARRIORS! Will they find their brides? Steamy seduction, alien abduction, enemies-to-lovers, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Dirty Professor

by Daisy St. James

I’ve always been a good girl. Raised by my grandmother, I was taught to be nothing less than a lady. Sit up straight, shoulders back, hands folded neatly in my lap, ankles crossed and knees together. To speak only when spoken to. However, deep down inside there lives a wild young woman longing to break free, to throw caution to the wind and give in to her ultimate desires because even ladies have desires. And what is the thing I desire most? Professor Manuel Santobello, my Spanish professor.

It’s natural to want the things you can’t have, to give in to temptation, and delight in forbidden passions, and Caroline Morone is as forbidden as it gets. Her scarlet waves and big doe eyes have me wrapped around her delicate, young fingers. The way she carries herself, so unlike the other young woman at my university, does things to the beast inside of me. Makes me yearn to bend her to my will, tempt her, mould her. Yet when I am in her presence, only one thing comes to mind—off limits.

As her professor, there are lines I shouldn’t cross, but for beautiful, innocent Carolina, I’m willing to cross them all—consequences be damned.

Tropes Featured: Alpha Hero, Billionaire, Class Difference, Forbidden Love, May/December Romance (age-gap), Orphan, Tortured Hero, Interracial, Dom/Sub and BDSM.

Content Warning: Dirty Professor is a forbidden, student/teacher, age gap romance with elements that may be sensitive to some readers. Those of which contain cheating, humiliation, alluding to specific BDSM fundamentals and mature content meant for adults only (18+), but includes a HEA.

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Category: Erotic Romance