Babysitter Age-Gap Erotica

by E. J. Layne

This is a 32,000 words EROTICA -Not Romance. It’s super-steamy and includes MM, FF, MMF, FFM, MMFF, bondage and other explicit acts that some may find offensive. Do not download if this kind of content offends you. But if you enjoy red-hot erotica with all the naughty juicy details then this is a MUST-READ.

Husband: Rough on any gender.
Wife: Doesn’t mind watching her husband ravishing a handsome young man.
Babysitter: An inexperienced temptress wanting her boss. She’s never been with a woman.
Boyfriend: A young jock with an untouched tight end.

Husband: Admires the young jock. Knows his babysitter is forbidden & won’t give in.
Babysitter: Frustrated trying to seduce her boss and needs her boyfriend’s help to do so.
Wife: Admires the younger couple but had never been with 2 men.
Boyfriend: Admires the Milf, but a MMFF menage? No way. He’ll never submit to a man
Or will he?

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Category: Erotica

Simmer Down

by Sarah Smith

Nikki DiMarco knew life wouldn’t be all sunshine and coconuts when she quit her dream job to help her mom serve up mouthwatering Filipino dishes to hungry beach goers, but she didn’t expect the Maui food truck scene to be so eat-or-be-eaten—or the competition to be so smoking hot.

But Tiva’s Filipina Kusina has faced bigger road bumps than the arrival of Callum James. Nikki doesn’t care how delectable the British food truck owner is—he rudely set up shop next to her coveted beach parking spot. He’s stealing her customers and fanning the flames of a public feud that makes her see sparks.

The solution? Let the upcoming Maui Food Festival decide their fate. Winner keeps the spot. Loser pounds sand. But the longer their rivalry simmers, the more Nikki starts to see a different side of Callum…a sweet, protective side. Is she brave enough to call a truce? Or will trusting Callum with her heart mean jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Taken to Kor: A Space Pirate Romance

by Elizabeth Stephens

Communicating with the human female was, in retrospect, a poor choice. Now, she’s the voice in Rhork’s head, making him want things he shouldn’t. Her. Deena thinks he’s the bad guy. She’s right. Because pirates don’t ask, they take and Rhork won’t stop until he has her.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Only with You

by Lea Coll

First I turned down a marriage proposal, then I moved to Annapolis to open a law firm. I thought my world couldn’t change any more…

Until Cade stepped into my office, smelling of sawdust with his company’s T-shirt stretched taut over his chest and biceps. Everything about him was handsome and completely off-limits.

But I can’t risk the business I sunk my savings into by dating a client, and he won’t risk his heart.

The more we spend time together, the more I want him. Even if a relationship between us was possible, how can he give me all of him?

After my wife died, I swore off dating. I threw myself into my charity instead. It was easy at first, but I can’t ignore my attraction anymore.

Hadley comes from a wealthy family that operates with manipulation, lies, and deceit. I don’t fit into her world, but the closer we get, the more I wanted to show her how things could be different.

I never thought I’d meet someone who gave me hope for a future. One full of possibilities, love, and maybe even marriage and kids.

But how can I promise her forever when I know love doesn’t last?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Daisy Does it Herself

by Gracie Player

When Daisy’s life comes crashing down around her, the only thing she can think of is getting away – far away. That’s how she found herself stumbling off a train in England’s picturesque Peak District – 150 miles from home, with no idea why she’d gone there and even less idea how she intended to get home. The life Daisy ran from is calling her back. Why then, is she so reluctant to heed its call? Daisy Does it Herself is a sweet, uplifting friends to romance, romantic comedy about the power of self-confidence, friendship and of course love! Fans of warm and witty romantic comedies with a guaranteed happily-ever-after will be entranced.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Corked: Tangled Vines

by Delta James

Grace’s life is on a roll, but San Francisco’s hills are steep and one small misstep sends her tumbling into the arms of Lincoln Steele.

A lone wolf, loosely attached to his brother’s pack, Linc has been consumed with eradicating the humans known as Hunters. He has returned to the City by the Bay to renovate a small boutique hotel and a famed BDSM club. Now all he needs is an Executive Chef to head up the restaurants at both establishments. The pretty blonde chef seems to be everything he was looking for… and something he never expected.

From the time Grace enters the hotel to meet with Linc, she is inextricably drawn to the charismatic businessman and Dom. When Grace visits Torch Light, she finds herself partnered with the enigmatic Linc.

After a night of passion, Grace is taken by hunters. Can Linc use their connection to find her before it is too late?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


by Delta James

When Hunters strike at the wrong prey, Damian Steele will stop at nothing to claim the ultimate prize… his fated mate.

On the backroads of Italy, a fatal accident takes the lives of three of the four people in the car. The only survivor is an unconscious Kinzie Edwards, who is mistakenly identified as her twin sister.

Damian is the brooding Alpha of the Sonoma Pack and the head of the Luna de Lobo Vineyard on the California coast. When Hunters strike at his people, Damian rushes to Italy to care for the mate to his omega. Except it isn’t Kayla he brings home.

While Kinzie hovers between life and death, a powerful change within her DNA occurs and she wakes as a wolf.

Thirsting for answers and revenge, Kinzie leaves the safety of Damian’s embrace to confront those who murdered her sister. Can Damian reach her before the Hunters claim her as another trophy?

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Protective Cowboy Daddy

by M.R. Zoey

She’s his guiding light.
He’s her guardian angel.

Wick Tanner is tall, muscled, and insanely handsome … and when he saves my life one night, I slip up and call him Daddy! But why would he ever want a sassy Little screw-up like me?

Callie Brazee is curvy, sarcastic, and she knows horses — she’s the perfect Forever Girl for me. But her wild behavior is way off the charts. She doesn’t just need some strict discipline … she needs to be tamed!

Protective Cowboy Daddy is a short, hot, Daddy Dom/Little Girl romance. It features a pair of consenting adults who are meant for each other and includes spankings, a ton of suspense, and a guaranteed Happily-Ever-After.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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