by Lizzie Morton

Abby West’s life is about to change, and she can’t decide if it’s for better or worse.

But Jake’s career is about to take off, meaning the path she needs to take, might be one she has to walk alone.

Right before she hits rock bottom, the person Abby least expects gives her exactly what’s needed, a break from reality.

Taking the chance, she leaves everything and everyone behind. But there’s only so long she can hide from the truth, and when it comes out, it’s explosive.

In the epic conclusion to Abby and Jake’s story, their relationship is put to the ultimate test, and with both of their futures on the line, they have a final decision to make.

Were they ever meant to be together?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Natalie Degen

Monsieur Pichot is the fortunate owner of Galeries Trichet, thanks to his dedication, ambition, and … marriage to the heiress of the Galeries Trichet fortune. But the one weakness that has haunted him his entire life, his deep sympathies for the fairer sex, gives most of the employees of his store permission to laugh at him behind his back, which is ironic, because at the same time, they are dreaming of becoming his next favorite. At the present time, this enviable position is occupied by Madame Moreau, whose abandoned husband has found moral support in the arms of the unassuming and sympathetic Mademoiselle Dalman. A woman’s enticing voice is telling us all of this; we hear it from the horse’s mouth, as it were. But who might she be? Is she also in love with…?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


by Jan Moran

A handsome celebrity chef. A treacherous ex. Can Verena Valent survive the biggest break of her career, or will it break her? After a chance meeting with chef Lance Martel in Paris ignites an unexpected romance, Verena realizes there’s more to life than business. The first in a fun, circle-of-friends series from a USA Today bestselling author.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Dark Seers (Bridge and Sword: Book One)

by JC Andrijeski

The way he stood there. His angular features. Precise, interesting, sensual. Freakishly tall, with pale, unnerving eyes. He moved unlike anyone I’d ever seen. He also wasn’t human.

Like most humans, Allie only glimpses Seers at a distance, usually in sex clubs, or on the leash of the wealthy and powerful of San Francisco. Fascinating, beautiful, deadly, Seers exist totally outside the sphere of ordinary people.

You have to be rich to own a Seer. You have to be rich to get anywhere near one.

Allie’s more focused on getting her mom to a therapist, on keeping her friend, Cass, out of crap relationships, and making enough money so they don’t lose the house. When Revik shows up at her work, she assumes he’s just some eccentric, another weirdo with an odd fixation on her. But in Revik’s world, dark, terrorist Seers run everything, and now they’re targeting Allie.

Revik tells her Seers believe she will free their people from enslavement.

They believe she will kill all the humans.

They believe she will destroy the world.

Now she’s on the run, the police have her family and friends, and the only person left is a hot but surly Seer with seriously terrible communication skills and a frightening ability with a gun.

She has to find a way out. She has to keep her family safe. Revik is all she’s got.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance