Pirate’s Bounty: A Time Travel Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When curious college student Riley stumbles upon a mysterious time machine, she’s suddenly transported to the crew quarters of an old wooden ship.

When the all-women sailors discover the stowaway, they take her to the captain who reveals that she’s captive aboard the Joan of Arc, a seventeen-century pirate ship. After the captain informs Riley that she’ll have to work to earn her keep, the vessel is soon besieged by a much larger pirate ship.

While receiving an impromptu lesson in swordsmanship, she and the other crew members manage to fend off the invading ruffians, whereupon they find a treasure map aboard the opposing vessel.

As the crew sets out to find the location of the mysterious treasure, Riley proves her value using her knowledge of modern weaponry and warfare to help her sexy new crewmates survive one harrowing adventure after another…

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Category: Erotica

The Seducer

by Elin Peer

Finn thinks Athena cursed him.
The large, annoyingly flirtatious man kept her imprisoned in the past and now demands she lift the spell she cast on him.
Seeing her chance of teaching him a lesson in karma, Athena makes demands of her own. Finn will allow her full power over him for five full days or live with the curse forever.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Lumberjack’s Surprise Baby

by Annie J Rose

The guy in my seat on the train was too charming, too self-assured.
Too hot for his own good.
A snowstorm left us stranded together
In the last hotel room in town.

In close quarters, he’s too hot to handle.
Why not give in and enjoy the ride?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Fake it For Us

by Weston Parker

The upcoming gala in London has my parents on my back. I need a fake date and a nanny, so let’s kill two birds with one stone? She’s perfect as a nanny for my little girl as well. I’m not sure who’s falling in love with the woman faster—my daughter or me. But love never plays fair. What we have might have started out as fake, but what we are is forever.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Shattered: Eye of the Storm

by LNora

Shattered.. Is a fairytale come true for Nina Thompson. She marries into wealth, prestige, and luxury to Eric Thompson, Sr. Partner of a Manhattan law firm but, her fairytale wedding slowly morphs into a sinister nightmare when Nina is betrayed by Eric’s violence and abuse. The shocking reality leads her to seek help which Nina finds in the most unusual ways and places; places which defy logic of heart and mind. As Nina’s life is literally Shattered, she’s left to pick up the broken pieces and carry on. Where will her loyalties ultimately lead?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Bridging the Distance

by Evangeline Anderson

One Plus-sized Earth girl…
Two Twin Kindred who need help to reconnect…
Sometimes 1+2= Interstellar Sexy Times

Lorelei Daniels is having a terrible day–her self-driving car repossesses itself, she loses her job, and she’s about to get kicked out of her apartment. What else could happen? How about a visit from a huge Kindred warrior begging her to come help him rescue his twin brother who has been turned into a Cyborg?

Bound Tight is a Light Twin of a Twin Kindred pair. Bound’s brother, Torn Deep, is the Dark Twin and his other half–without him, Bound is incomplete. He desperately needs help to get Torn back–but will the beautiful little Earth female he needs to seal the deal help him rescue his twin?

Because of her advanced degree in Artificial Intelligence Psychology, Lorelei is uniquely qualified to help with the Cyborg problem. But no matter how handsome Bound is, she’s determined this is just a business transaction. However, when they rescue Torn, he has lost all memory of his past. It’s up to Lorelei to try and bring the brothers back together in the only way she can–by using her body as a bridge between them.

Can Lorelei keep things businesslike as she brings the two brother back together? Or will she end up losing her heart as she is Bridging the Distance between the estranged Bound and Torn?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance