Love and Lies

by Jade C. Jamison

Broke and broken, I return home, even after vowing to never set foot in this small town again. But if I hadn’t come back here, I never would have met the gorgeous, enigmatic, sexy Scott Wardell. Hot or not, he’s arrogant and rude, and he finds a way to get under my skin.

When I discover he’s a drummer for a local rock band and we click on a whole different level, I find myself changing my mind about him. I even start falling for him.

Hard. Even after I swore I was done with bad boys. Hell, after swearing I was done being a bad girl.

But even as things with Scott and me get hotter and hotter, my feet grow as cold as ice—and between my ex, his ex, and even Scott’s creepy best friend, I start to rethink us…and wind up doing a few things I regret.

When I realize Scott’s the only man for me, will it be too late?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Reckless Fate

by Maxine Henri

A grumpy billionaire chef. A woman who broke his heart. A secret to destroy their second chance.
Sparks fly when past love and regret collide. Massimo Cassinetti, the irresistible and passionate chef extraordinaire, crashes back into his ex-wife’s world after seventeen years. A man larger than life that some hate but many admire. With a love that’s been ridden by pain, can they heal and forgive without tainting the tender bond they’ve just rediscovered? Don’t miss this perfect reunion filled with passion, heartache, and second chances.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Dawn of the Dragons

by Lara A. Steel

He is a dragon. An assassin, the deadliest of them all. His assignment is to hunt down Dawn Frazer. And as always, he’ll carry out his assignment with cold-blooded efficiency …or so he thinks!

When a stranger is brought to her emergency department, she performs a complicated operation to save his life, and the only thanks she gets is to be abducted by him. He keeps babbling about dragons and his destiny. It’s clear to Dawn that this outrageously attractive bastard has a screw loose! At least, that’s what she assumes until he drags her to an island that’s not supposed to exist – an island inhabited by impossible creatures who all seem to want her dead…

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Category: Fantasy Romance



by TL Haddix writing as Alex Collins

Lauren is a survivor. The divorced mom is focused on raising her daughter and running the most popular cafe in town. She doesn’t date, but she’s happy enough being single. However, when she meets her parents’ dishy new neighbor, she realizes that she’s settling for less because she’s afraid to try for more. Reaching out takes courage, and that’s not something she’s ever been good at.

But evil is lurking around the corner unseen, playing a deadly game of cat and mouse. When detectives tie the disappearance of a local businesswoman to an attack Lauren suffered as a teen, life becomes a game of survival. And as long-held secrets spill out, not everyone will come out of this game alive…

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by TL Haddix writing as Alex Collins

For two years, Ethan has done his best to keep his distance from his best friend’s sister. But the sweetly sexy blonde is everywhere he turns these days, armed and dangerous with insulting comebacks, sarcastic sass, and sultry looks that tempt a man to do foolish things like ask her out or kiss her senseless. If he trips over her one more time, he can’t be held responsible for what happens next…

Beth has loved Ethan for over a decade. He doesn’t know, and she isn’t about to tell him. Without a doubt, the surly, dark-haired detective would use her feelings as a weapon against her in their increasingly bitter war of words. But when people begin disappearing from their small town, they’re forced to work together to figure out what’s going on. If they can keep from killing – or kissing – each other in the meantime, that is.

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Knot for Me

by Rory Miles

It’s a universally known fact that all omegas want is a pack and a safe place for their babies.


That’s not what all omegas want. I don’t want either. When I screw up my chances of being matched with a pack, I’m sent to the Omega Auctions. There I’m sold to a royal pack to be their maid.

I’m hardly qualified to clean and I’m not sure being stuck with an unmated pack is the best idea because my first heat is coming and these guys are H.O.T. HOT.

My name is Reagan and I’m a bad omega who refuses to fall in love. Let’s just hope my heart gets the memo because that’s knot the life for me.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


“I do” Solely To Mr. CEO, Single Dad, Captain Of My Heart

by Serenity Raine

“Cheyenne Doe. It’s lovely to meet you,” I say, extending a hand toward him for a shake. Butterflies erupt in my stomach when he takes my one hand in both of his, turning it to drop a kiss on the palm of my hand. His beard scratches across the sensitive skin.
“Cheyenne Doe, I’m your future husband, Blake Michaels.”
His voice is deep and resonant, sending shivers up my spine. He was hot from a distance, but up close he’s downright distracting. I can’t help but wonder how that stubble that tickled my palm would feel against my inner thighs. I shake my head a little, trying to clear away the image. I’m already prone to being tongue-tied; erotic fantasies about the person I’m speaking to certainly won’t help the conversation flow.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


How to Seduce a Rockstar

by Arabella Quinn

Get ready to toss your panties on stage — it’s gonna get wild!

My life was getting boring. Predictable. I needed to shake things up a bit, so my roommate helped me come up with a plan — we called it O.L.D. Operation Limp… Well, never mind about the ‘D’. Yeah, the limp part sounds yucky, right? Don’t judge — that’s just because of logistics. It’ll work out.

O.L.D. is a big success. Everything went down without a hitch. Except for one teeny tiny thing. Actually, the most important thing. Ugh. So, it was a disaster. A beautiful disaster that changed my life.

Boring and predictable were the least of my problems now.

Grab your backstage pass to meet the boys of Ghost Parker and get ready for a deliciously scandalous journey through the wild world of rock ‘n’ roll, where love, lust, and longing collide in a symphony of seduction. Turn up the volume and prepare to be utterly consumed by this rockstar romance — a steamy and erotic tale of mistaken identity, unbridled desire, and the search for true love amidst the chaos of stardom.

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Category: Contemporary Romance