Falling for the Bad Boy

by Gwyn McNamee and Other Authors

Grab this collection of 10 steamy books about bad boys who will get your hearts racing and have you Falling for the Bad Boy!

Hockey Players
MMA Fighters
This collection has it all and SO MUCH MORE! Fall for the bad boy today!

Collection includes:
Squall Line – Gwyn McNamee
Hopefully Devoted – A.M. Myers
The Hunted – Christy Anderson
Penalty Box – Echo Grayce
Power Games – Kennedy L. Mitchell
Dominic – Kat Mizera
One Step Closer – Kahlen Aymes
Royally Bad – Lee Savino
Savage – Michelle St. James
Prophet – S.M. West

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Son of a Duke

by Jessie Clever

The last thing Eleanora Quinton expects when the dead body hits the floor is love with the son of a duke.

As society’s most capable housekeeper, Eleanora has conquered any number of social disasters. But when a dead body falls right into the middle of her mistress’s ball and her son gets kidnapped, the only person who can help her also forces her to face her most crippling fears.

A spy for the British War Office and illegitimate son of a duke, Nathan Black pulls the infallible housekeeper into a cyclone of espionage, intrigue and danger as he searches for the meaning behind her son’s kidnapping. Fighting to keep Eleanora safe, Nathan struggles with his growing attraction to her, but as the treasonous plot twists around them, too many clues point to Eleanora and a past of which she will not speak.

Can their love withstand her dangerous secret?

Son of a Duke is the first book in the fast-paced, thrilling, historical romance Spy Series. If you love steamy romance, heart-stopping adventure, and unforgettable passion, don’t miss this captivating series from bestselling author Jessie Clever. Unlock romance and adventure when you pick up your copy of Son of a Duke today.

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Category: Historical Romance


Academy of Protectors

by Gray Holborn

You know what’s annoying? Having your first real date interrupted by a werewolf and a hellhound.

I’ve lived a pretty boring, secluded life, hiding amongst humans on the outskirts of a small town. But when the demons I’ve heard stories about show up at my front door, everything changes. Suddenly, I have to trade in my quiet life for a whole new world filled with violence, secrets, and magic.

As if enrolling in The Guild wasn’t difficult enough, I’m forced to work with a team of mysterious protectors who think I’m as repulsive as the demons they’re training me to kill. They don’t seem to want me around, but I can’t deny that something beyond my control is drawing us together—even when I try to escape them, I just get pulled closer into their orbit.

Icing on the cake? For some reason, the demons I’m supposed to be hunting down are coming after me instead. Nothing about this new life is at all like how I thought it would be. If I can’t figure out who to trust and fast, I’m screwed.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Forging the Guild

by Gray Holborn

Creatures from hell are breaching the human world like never before and it’s up to me and the rest of The Guild to figure out why. Which means one thing: the world is screwed.

When Headmistress Alleva arrives on campus, my life at Headquarters is thrown upside down. After sightings of werewolves close to Guild boundaries have everyone up in arms, recruits are thrust into apprenticeships with prominent teams to help move along graduation rates and get them into the field as soon as possible.

While this sounds good at first, I’m starting to figure out that being a protector isn’t what I always thought it would be. At all. Increased attacks, mixed with a creepy research lab that is anything but trustworthy, leaves me desperate for answers.

And if that doesn’t sound difficult enough, the members of Team Six are making my life miserable and complicated. If the monsters don’t destroy

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The Christmas Light Keeper

by Elysia Strife

Kaci Paisley is on assignment as an interior design assistant for a new hotel being built in a small mountain town in the Oregon Cascades. Overworked and stressed, Kaci isn’t prepared for the brutal force of winter. Thank goodness, Lee Branton, a local power lineman is nearby to help her pick up her things. He’s the rugged kind of handsome that makes Kaci forget all about her deadlines and snow-soaked tablet.

A simple look turns into a date stringing up Christmas lights for others. Lee reminds Kaci of her father, always remembering to slow down, enjoy life, and help those in need. But Lee’s job has him braving elements she’s not familiar with.

When a storm rolls in Christmas week, burying everything in white, Lee gets called out into the night.

Can Kaci cope with the worry and stress?
Or is love with a lineman too much risk?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Blood Mercy (Blood Grace Book 1)

by Vela Roth

In this kingdom, love is treason… Lio is an immortal Hesperine with fangs and dangerous magic, but he brings comfort into Cassia’s cruel world. If she gives her heart to the enemy, will she and Lio survive the king’s retribution? Slow-burn, steamy romance meets epic fantasy in this story of fated mates and forbidden love.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


The Sentinels: The Complete Collection Boxed Set : (A Dangerous Bargain, A Dangerous Hunger, A Dangerous Fury, A Dangerous King)

by J.S. Scott

This boxed set of The Sentinels includes all four books in this series . These paranormal romances contain graphic language, steamy love scenes, and lovable alpha males that also happen to be just a little bit demon.

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Category: Paranormal Romance