Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates Series Book 1)

by Felicity Heaton

One bite will change their lives forever in this heart-stopping passionate paranormal romance.

Olivia thinks it’s her lucky night when a dangerously handsome unconscious fae ends up on her inspection table. He’s her shot at redemption. But when the tall, dark and deadly immortal warrior awakes, she gets much more than she bargained for…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Fierce King

by Ivy Mason

She hates me because she thinks I killed her sister,
But I take her captive anyway, because I want her,
In my bed and by my side.

She belongs to me.

And no one, not the bratva or my own brother,
will steal what’s mine.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Taken: Alien Commander’s Captive

by Hattie Jacks

All enemies of the Empire must die. But not her, she is mine to claim…

JAYNE: I’ve dedicated my life to defending clients against injustice, but the imposing alien male that’s captured me doesn’t believe in innocent until proven guilty. All Commander Rexitor cares about is his precious Empire and I’m its biggest threat.

This alien is going to make sure I pay for my crime. Haalux justice is swift and brutal, just like him. But I believe in justice and I’m prepared to do anything to survive, whether it’s defying him or the Empire.

I’m not going to ask for his help, if that’s what he thinks, because from the look in his eyes, it’ll cost me more than I bargained for.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Crave: Alien General’s Obsession

by Hattie Jacks

What’s worse…being abducted by aliens or being a host for one?

TARA – Worse turns out to be a terrifying alien General hell bent on claiming me, and my unborn child, for himself.

He wants complete submission and there’s no denying what I see in his deep red eyes, or the flash of his electric blue markings. He thinks he’s the perfect specimen of a Haalux warrior in every department.

I might not have been in this galaxy for long, but I’ve got a trick or two.

There’s a surprise waiting for the General and he’s not going to like it. Not one bit.

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by Mia Frances

Alex is taking her sisters and their kids to her camp in the Adirondacks when the unthinkable happens. The country is being attacked and they must seek immediate shelter. Greeted by guns and bullets when they try to find refuge, they hide in a cave to avoid the fallout. When her sisters leave to look for their husbands, Alex is left to care for the kids. It’s a 35-mile hike to her camp through villages that have become killing fields. Along the way, Alex rescues two children orphaned by the violence. Society is devolving. Looters, rapists, and killers are in control. Her life is changed forever when she stumbles on a cache of food only to discover its owner is a man who’ll haunt her nightmares: half guardian angel, half demon. Both barbarian and benefactor. A strange mixture of brutality and gentleness, cruelty and caring. A man named Wolf!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

SEAL Daddy

by Sofia T Summers

The only thing I have in common with my daddy’s best friend?
A child.
Oh wait, two children.

That’s right. He got me pregnant before skipping town for two years. Then he came right back and put another baby in my belly.
But that’s not the crazy part.
He doesn’t even know that my first child is his own flesh and blood.
I kept it a secret just as well as I’d kept my v-card for him.
He’s an ex-Navy SEAL.
Alpha, in control, and hotter than fire.
No wonder I couldn’t keep my hands off him.

But there’s a price to pay for everything.
My secrets come with consequences.
Secrets from my own daddy and from Jason.
And there will be hell to pay when he finds out that he’s the father of not one… but two kids.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

My Totally Elfed Christmas

by Audrey Furnas

This Christmas, it isn’t the packages she needs. It’s the delivery boy.

Adia Bell’s family doesn’t just want to buck tradition. They plan to chuck it out altogether. Which is a problem since Adia has had a rough first semester at Avery University, and she’s expecting homemade pie and Christmas preparations to fix everything.

Miller is a UPS package handler who hopes the season will be over soon. He wants to keep a low profile and avoid anything festive. But when his merry new co-worker Adia befriends him, he finds it harder and harder to avoid holiday-related things.

Will Adia and Miller find in each other a way to redeem Christmas? Or will a short-term attraction only serve to derail both of their futures?

This book is for people who like reading about the struggle of growing up, enjoy unpredictable romances, and could be accused of having an addiction to the holiday season.

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Category: Holidays Romance

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