Divine and Dateless

by Tara West

A hot-as-hades grim reaper and a sassy fallen angel battle demons and bad hair days in this hilarious take on the afterlife. Download the complete series!

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Immortal Maestro

by Charli B. Rose

Vince was a musical genius & my new guardian. But as far as I was concerned, he was an incredibly sexy, but completely infuriating, immortal a-hole. I was counting the days until I’d be free of him, even if his guidance did make my music better & his rare smiles made my heart leap. Having a crush on the vampire who was my guardian was all kinds of wrong. Right?

Nova was a complication I didn’t need & a total brat. Why her parents made me her guardian, I’ll never understand. She was a musical prodigy squandering her gift. I was determined to hone her skills, even as she tempted me to cross all my boundaries. I’d been protecting her from the dangers of my life for years. Now, they were knocking on her door, and I may be the biggest danger of all. Because she didn’t want me to just be her guardian & teacher, she wanted me to be her maestro in every way.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Keeping It in the Family (Books 4-6)

by Bella Beaumont

When Cassidy’s hot stepbrother returns home from a five-year hiatus, he introduces Cass and her mom, Gloria, to a weekend of taboo pleasure.

Now, Decker Shore is willing to do anything to keep his stepsister and stepmom under his thumb. That includes surprising them with new friends wanting to partake in the sinful delights, and corrupting them through their daily lives at school, at home, and out in public.

When it’s all said and done, Decker is supposed to leave after the weekend… but now that he’s the man of the house, anything he says goes. And he’s not going anywhere until his stepmom and stepsis are completely defiled and obsessed!

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Category: Erotica


Everything Tarnished

by LaShelle L. Turner

Two women deal with the aftermath of lust and unfaithfulness when they learned all gilded things eventually will reveal their true colors.
Always the social climber, Queensley married what she believed to be her golden ticket to the upper-class life she always desired. Now stuck in a loveless marriage, she begins to question her prosperous union when she falls for the prodigal billionaire bad boy who happens to be the identical twin brother of her sister-in-law’s deceased husband. Beautiful and sophisticated Therese once again finds love with a man who adores her and her son, only to have her dead husband’s twin come back into her life. Not only do the feelings she held for her dead husband re-emerge when she sees him, but so do the passion she felt for him years ago. Once again, she finds herself in a torrid love triangle with her sister-in-law, Queensley. The Dumas family saga continues as Therese and Queensley find themselves confronting their pasts and their future.
As with gold, when love is not pure and merely wears a gold layer, it starts to tarnish. What happens when that layer peels off and what underneath begins to fade?

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Category: African American Romance


Dancing With Ghosts

by Rita H Rowe

Alex will never dance again.
Her parents and her dreams, all lost in one fateful night.
Unable to put her faith in love and happiness, not even
for Nicholas, the man she loves, she escapes to Chernut,
a country town far from the reminders of her past.
Here at the beautiful Lovelet Manor, inhabited by a
family who are as lost as she is, Alex finds solace
in the picturesque gardens of which she is caretaker,
accepting that her life can never be full again.
But when she meets Edward in the grand gazebo, she
discovers that her heart may not be done with her yet.
And for the first time in a long time,
she allows herself to be loved.
But is she losing her mind?
Will the ghosts of her past keep her running forever?
Or will Alex find herself before she runs out of time?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Time Trap: Red Moon science fiction, time travel

by Micah Caida

Time-travel romance across time as much as a fantasy thriller. Rayen awakens in the wrong world and is captured. She accidentally opens a portal to a deadly future where imprisoned teens with powers fight to survive and leaders are on track to destroy humans in the past. An unusual elite warrior can help her, but he’s convinced she’s the enemy. “Explosive pacing. Unlike any other time travel story I’ve ever read!”

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Category: Time Travel Romance



by Lyssa Cole

You know those special crushes you get as a teen? The ones that keep you awake at night and dreaming during the day?
Yeah, the soul-sucking kind.
But all they ever are is a crush.
Especially since mine is my brother’s best friend.
He’s always there. So hard to forget, so hard to resist.
But I see the looks. I feel the heat from his stare and catch the glimpses he thinks no one sees.
Asher Russell, is the boy I want but can never have. The boy who is off limits. The boy I never stop thinking about.
Yet, after an unexpected tragedy crushes our world, it leaves us colliding in ways we never thought before.
How will I stay away when he is the only one who shares my pain?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance