A Shadow of Love

by Amy Cutler

A Shadow of Love is a paranormal romance story of an abused woman and a dead poet. When Annabelle flees her abusive husband and moves into an 1860’s farmhouse, she soon learns that she is not alone; she shares her home with Christian, the ghost of a poet who killed himself in 1917.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Second Chances

by Bria Marche

Life is great on St. Thomas for Abby Melrose Bellavance until her husband steals her trust fund and disappears. With five million reasons to write men off, she returns home, groveling at her mother’s feet.
Living again in Charleston, Abby is thrown yet another curve ball. Her mother dies, leaving Abby with a mansion but no money. Turning the home into a boardinghouse brings her instant cash, but also two of the hottest men in Charleston as tenants. They’re similar in one way—they are men, and Abby should keep her distance.
As fate has it, Abby is dealt one final blow. She wonders now, if she’ll ever have a second chance at love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Olivia Peters


After my nightmare in Vegas, I don’t trust the cops, and starting over in Sunnyville is the only option.

Wyatt is my new roommate with both a hero complex and a badge, but I fall for him anyway. Being a cop means everything to him, and his career will end if he rescues me.

My enemy and hero are at war, and they both wear uniforms.


The Sunnyville Police Department is my last chance to make a difference after a mistake in LA almost got me fired.

As part of a task force to bring down a human trafficking ring, I can’t afford any distractions. But then Rebecca and her dangerous secrets burst into my life, derailing all my plans.

Now my badge needs to be sacrificed to keep her safe.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Haunted Hearts

by Ariana Cane

Sometimes looks can fool you. But sometimes, they can’t.

The only thing Alex ever wanted was to be left alone in his secluded cabin, away from people who judge him for the scars he wears as a badge of dishonor. He got used to living with it along with severe PTSD from his years in the Navy. And he likes it just like that: alone and quiet.

The only thing Freya wants is to get her car fixed and get the hell away from Little Hope, where she got stuck thanks to a popped tire and “helpful” locals. Unfortunately, those friendly citizens of said town and fate have other plans for her: they like to stick their noses where the sun doesn’t shine. As a result, Freya becomes well acquainted (a little too well) with Alex, who is rude, messed up, and hot as hell with his huge, damaged body and hidden under the ever-present cap eyes.

After just a few days, this weird little town in Maine begins to feel like home, and Alex starts to feel more like a man and not a growly bear people constantly warn her about. But everywhere she goes, her troublesome past follows.

Will she stay at Little Hope, where bears are seemingly everywhere? No pun toward Alex intended…I think.

They say All Roads Lead to Maine. But do they end there?
This slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, contemporary romance is standalone, featuring an ex-military guy/jerk with a severe case of PTSD and anger issues and a woman on the run from her troublesome past. The steam level is boiling (eventually, hence the slow burn) and reaches 2,5/5 in ‘peppers’ meter. Has triggers (see above). It can be read as it is, but better if enjoyed as part of the series. Each book contains a story about a different couple-no cliffhangers.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Fated Mates of the Titan Empire: The Complete Series

by Tammy Walsh

Abducted by aliens and bound for a breeding zoo.
And they thought things couldn’t get any worse…

Get all 6 books in the Fated Mates of the Titan Empire series for just 99c or free in Kindle Unlimited.
It features possessive alpha aliens in intense, steamy scenes with their human mates.
There are no cliffhangers or cheating, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance