The Alpha’s Silent Mate

by Eve Bale

Trapped beneath the bodies of my dead pack, I wait for my end.
It isn’t death that finds me, but him.

One glance at the alpha who saves me is enough to reveal what he means to me. Everything.

Fated mate.

A man the universe made just for me.

But I can’t stay with him.

Slipping away before I kill Shay’s pack isn’t going to be easy. Not when he’s determined to save me, to protect me, to give me everything I want and need.

I can’t let him, even if I want those same things.

I never counted on the lengths he’ll go to keep me—but most of all, I didn’t count on how much I would want to let him.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Ruthless Enemy

by Mckenna Miller

When Lorelai promised to be mine, I never would have believed that things would end in her betrayal . . . and me spending time in prison for something I didn’t do.

Now I’m out and determined to exact revenge against the woman I’d once loved, only to find out she’d been keeping a secret from me . . . a daughter I never knew I had. A daughter who belonged to me and would now be raised as a Capitani, whether her mother is in the picture, or not.

Lorelai is still feisty, stubborn, and rebellious, and after so long without a woman, I greet her with an angry, hate filled kiss. But once I feel her lush curves beneath me, all I want is to claim her once again. I tell myself the craving is temporary, that once I have my fill of her I’ll sever our ties and keep my daughter with me. . . but I’ve underestimated just how much of a hold this woman still has over me.

The plan should have been simple, until my daughter is kidnapped and held hostage – my life, for hers.

Nobody messes with what is mine.

This means war, and I will destroy anyone who dares to threaten my family.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Puck the Bachelor Life

by Jacob Parker

Love is messy and, honestly, a pain in the ass. I’ve got too many dreams to settle down. Being a bachelor is my life. Especially as a pro-hockey free agent. The world is mine. Until I sign my best friend’s little sister as my new agent. She’s not a little girl anymore, and damn…I’m in trouble. All bets are off.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Dragon’s Desire

by Shiloh Walker

You will wander, you will roam

SORIN: He is Zmeu, one of the great dragons of myth.

As a young dragon, he was told an important truth: Dragons do not fall in love. They definitely do not fall in love with mortal women.

It’s a lesson Sorin takes to heart. He might have had a mortal mother, but mortals had also killed her, leaving him alone.

A dragon grown, he dwells in an impenetrable castle, living a dragon’s best life. He dances with fae swan maidens, steals baubles from unknowing kings, scoffs at mortals stumbling through life wasting time on war, hate…love.

Then love finds him.

In the village of his birth, a woman teaches him a truth his dragon family hadn’t—it’s rather easy for a dragon to find love.

Ever seeking solace, ever seeking home

Easy to love, yes. But understanding the woman who steals his heart? Not so easy. He doesn’t realize it at the time, his arrogance leading him to assume he knew best. After all, he was a dragon. Sorin’s arrogance led to her death…and a curse.

Hundreds of years later, living in the New World as the world prepares for war, he is almost numb to the curse that haunts him still.

You will wander, you will roam, they’d said. He did. But seeking solace, seeking home? Home and solace were lost to him, every bit as much as his love.

As penance, he guards the mortals in his territory, as she had protected those under her care. He’ll hold off the coming war as long as possible. When the time comes to take up a sword—or breathe fire—he will. It’s little comfort, but his lost love would expect him to protect. So he does.

One night, a sudden awareness yanks him from deepest sleep. Chasing the faint magical trail, he finds a woman battling for her life. Just before a killing strike, he sees her eyes…eyes of haunting green.

The eyes of the woman he’d loved, the eyes of the woman he’d killed.

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